How to Cure Bad Breath

Nothing can put a damper on a social situation like bad breath. Here is information on how to cure bad breath, or at least make it smell better.

First, you should consider the root cause of bad breath. Bad breath is caused by bacteria that everyone normally has on their tongue and in their mouth. Normally these bacteria help us digest food, and break down mucus and other substances in the mouth. But for many reasons these bacteria can start to turn traitor on us, causing the mouth to release nasty, smelly sulfur compounds.

When it comes to how to cure bad breath, first look at obvious causes. Stinky foods and bad dental habits are the most common causes of bad breath. Stay away from garlic, coffee, alcohol and dairy, which can ruin breath. And make sure you brush and floss at least twice daily. Brush your tongue too. Some people purchase tongue-scrapers for that express purpose. If you wear dentures or braces, make sure you take extra time to clean out food between cracks and crevices.

Speaking of foods, green, leafy vegetables contain chlorophyll, which is known to freshen bad breath. Parsley is a good example of a breath-freshening green vegetable. If you are on the Atkin’s diet or other diet plan that causes your body to release ketones, bad breath can be an annoying side-effect. Green vegetables are allowed and encouraged on these kinds of diets, so take advantage of their breath-freshening benefits.

People with stomach problems can also have bad breath, due to a reduction in stomach acid. Some experts suggest that you add vinegar, especially apple-cider vinegar, to your diet to mimic stomach acid benefits. Others say gargling with apple-cider vinegar will provide the same benefits. Ask your doctor if you are unsure if this bad breath cure is right for you. Persons with bowel obstructions can have breath that smells like feces. That definitely is a reason to visit your doctor.

Drink a lot of water. That can flush out whatever is causing your breath to stink. It also makes your mouth less welcoming for smelly bacteria. Mouthwash will flush out those bacteria too, but you can’t swallow it due to its high alcohol content.

Sinus infections, post-nasal drip and allergies can make breath smell too. The only way to cure bad breath caused by sinus problems is to cure the underlying problems, usually with a doctor’s help.

Older people and people on certain medications can have bad breath due to dry mouth. To cure bad breath in this case, keep the mouth well-hydrated with water and ice chips throughout the day.

Bad breath caused by periodontal disease cannot be cured at home. You’ll have to see a dentist for a professional opinion.

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