Heath Ledger: From Field Hockey to Movie Star

Born to Sally and Kim, April 4th, 1979, Andrew Heath Ledger and his older sister, Catherine (Kate), were named for the two romantic characters in Emily BrontÃ?«’s novel, “Wuthering Heights.” Not one to disappoint, he’s won his share of hearts with charismatic performances in movies such as “The Patriot” and “A Knight’s Tale,” as well as his compelling role in “Brokeback Mountain.” This just scratches the surface, however; Heath Ledger may very well be the epitome` of the term, “Renaissance Man.”

Heath first started acting in junior high, where he was given the choice of two electives; cooking or acting. Not able to imagine himself a cook, he chose the latter and remained steadfast in this decision, despite criticism from peers and teachers alike. Additionally, he would not only teach himself to dance (he claims Gene Kelly as one of his heroes), but he also choreographed and coordinated his high school team in a nationwide dance competition called Rock Eisteddford. Regardless of what others thought, time and time again, Heath Ledger has always opted for the road less traveled.

Disliking the military styled training received at Guildford Grammar School, Ledger decided to go for sports rather than learning about weaponry like so many others at this all-boy academy. Heath has always been what one might call a ‘sporty type,’ and he excelled in a wide variety of sports, particularly in the realm of field hockey; in fact, he would make the school’s First XI at a very young age. Despite being selected for the State U17 Squad and being considered one of the country’s up and coming stars, however, Heath Ledger wanted to act. At the age of 17, he gave up his schooling and all the sports, heading to Sydney, where his career would begin with an acting job in the low-budget film, “Blackrock” (1997). It’s been a long journey for Ledger, but obviously one that he enjoys traveling.

Heath Ledger’s path may often be the steep one, covered in briars and rocky in terrain, but it has brought him many things to be thankful for including fiancÃ?©, Michelle Williams, and a beautiful daughter named Matilda Rose. While he was voted one of People Magazine’s Most Beautiful People in 2001, many may argue that the true beauty of this Australian actor is the beautiful warmth that shines from within (it is said that he still ensures that best friend, Trevor DiCarlo, assists him on every set and that most of his wardrobe is made by another friend named Shem). In his spare time, Heath enjoys reading, writing poetry, surfing, playing cricket and tennisâÂ?¦ and, of courseâÂ?¦ field hockey.

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