How to Fill a Co2 Paintball Tank

For recreational paintball, one of the basic things is to fill a CO2 paintball tank. You would eventually find yourself in need of filling a CO2 tank if you just got a job at a paintball store or want to save some money. Fortunately, filling a CO2 paintball tank is a fairly easy task and does not take too long if you know the right way. Moreover, the fact that CO2 is a readily available gas makes the task quite inexpensive.

Things Required:

– CO2 bulk fill tank
– CO2 fill station
– Paintball CO2 tank
– Hanging scale


  • 1

    Before using a CO2 bulk fill tank to fill a paintball tank, check the expiry date on the former. Do not use an expired CO2 bulk fill tank because it can be potentially dangerous.

  • 2

    Carefully attach the CO2 bulk fill tank to the CO2 fill station. Be sure to follow instructions from the CO2 fill station manufacturer.

  • 3

    Open the safety valve and wait until the tank is completely drained. When the sound of gas coming out of the tank stops, it is a sign that the tank has been completely drained of gas and you move on to the next step.

  • 4

    Attach the tank to the hook of the hanging scale such that the tank hangs in mid air. Manually calibrate the indicator on the hanging scale to zero.

  • 5

    To start filling the CO2 paintball tank, open the fill tanks valve but make sure you close the bleed valve first.

  • 6

    When the tank has reached its full capacity, close the fill tanks valve.

  • 7

    Disengage the CO2 paintball tank from the CO2 fill station and simultaneously bleed excess CO2 from the hoses.

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