Blood is everywhere. It’s on the couch ceiling, walls, even dripping from the ceiling fan.

‘Mom?” I call out.

As I walk further into the house, I ask myself, why am I doing this. I should have run for the neighbors as soon as I walked into the house. I enter the kitchen an immediately wish I could wipe the sight from my memories. My mother is nailed to the wall, the nails entering each one of her palms as well as her feet. Her stomach has been cut by something razor sharp and her intestines are spilled on the floor at her feet.

I look away from my mom an see my father sitting in the shadows. I flip on the kitchen light an see why he hasn’t been moving. His face had been peeled off his skull, his arms looked as if the had been chewed up an spit out an something had run off with his legs. The cat had found his face an began eating it.

“Fluffy, get away from that” I say to her.

As she turns an looks at me, I notice that there is something strange happening to her. She was a perfect match for my sister, since both of them really didn’t fit in anywhere. Slowly Fluffy begins to change, change into something seriously evil. Her black fur turns to leathery skin, her eyes change from a sweet, gentle blue, to a evil, hate red, her teeth grow longer and she changes from the size of a kitten, to the size of a medium dog.

I decide it’s time to get the hell out of here. I turn an run towards the front door, with Fluffy right on my heels. I grab the door handle an scream in pain as it burns my hand. I decide that I don’t want my sisters cat to eat me, so I bolt for the stairs. I still haven’t seen my sister, so she might still be alive. As I get to the top of the stairs, I turn around to see how far away the cat is, but apparently she lost interest in me as soon as I started up the stairs. She now laid at the bottom of the stairs, waiting for me to come back down.

“Not going to happen” I say to Fluffy. I Look down the hallway an yell “STACY!!”

“Robbie, help” She yells back “I’m in your room”

I notice the smell of sulfur as I make my way to my room, as well as the dramatic temperature increase. I look up an wonder what the hell is going on. The ceiling had been ripped of the house, an instead of the night sky an shining stars I saw walking home, the sky was blood red, like every horizon had a bright sun rising. There also appeared to be things bigger than birds flying everywhere. I really hoped I wasn’t where I thought I was.

I reach my room an check the handle. Sure enough, just like the front door, it was blazing hot. Quickly analyzing the situation, I take the baseball cap off my head, an use it to cover my hand while I quickly opened my door. I look around an see my sister nailed to wall the same way my mother was.

“You wanna tell me what the hell is going on here?” I ask trying to find a way to get her down.

“Just hurry up before he comes back” Stacy says through her tears.

“Who?” I ask, finding a crowbar in my closet.

“The devil.”

“I really don’t know how to respond to that, so lets just get out of here.” I reply prying her hands an feet from the wall.

We run for the hallway, but my doorway turns into a brick wall.

“It’s too late” Stacy tells me.

There is a massive explosion from my closet an a tall, huge, muscular person steps out. He stands about 6′ 7″ an has more muscle than an normal person should have. His skin is a dark red an looks tough as steel. From the way I’ve seen Satan portrayed on television, I’d say he looks a lot more meaner in person.

“What do you want with my family” I ask, trying to hide my fear.

“Just your lives” He replies in a deep voice.

“Why the HELL, should I let you?” I ask, getting angry.

“Because, that’s what my little demon wants.”

“Who?” I ask, puzzled.

“Why me silly” Stacy says from behind me. “Daddy loves to let me do what I want.”

“You get to be her next sacrifice.” Satan says proudly.

Stacy walks over to her evil father an he hands her a brown bag. Honestly, I should’ve known Stacy was Satans daughter, I’ve seen her do some pretty sick shit. Stacy reaches inside the brown bag and pulls out four nails, they seem to be about as big as my hand. She lifts them one at a time an throws them at me, each one pierces my hands, my feet an finally securing me to the wall.

“Is that it?” I ask, hoping it was.

With a flash of fire, a sword appears in Stacy’s hand. It’s about the biggest sword I’ve seen an it looks to be sharp enough to cut a car in half. She walks towards me an I know this’ll hurt much worse than the nails. In one quick motion, she cuts my stomach open. I feel things land at my feet an I don’t even look. Stacy then proceeds to reach into my stomach an pull things out.

“Stupid bitch” I say drifting into darkness.

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