Help! I’m Dating a Picses

Many people characterize the Pisces types as living in a fantasy world, driven by an unrealistic view of people and of the world they live in. When dating a Pisces, these facts, at times, seem true. However, when analyzing the depths of the Pisces personality, one can easily see this personality traits may demonstrate the Pisces is the perfect match. Understanding what stimulates the Pisces, how they view the world and the depth to which they will cater to others before themselves, will make the dating experience far more pleasant.

While it is true a Pisces will tend to live by emotion, it is also important to recognize that this same emotional bias is what gives the Pisces and ability to remain compassionate to the world around them. Considered easy going and submissive, the Pisces tend to allow problems to work themselves out and rarely take initiative to interact or engage issues in an effort to reach a resolution. Almost any type of personality would be initially attracted to a Pisces. However, following many weeks or months of dating, some personality traits, such as a Leo type, may find the passivity of a Pisces to become quite frustrating.

In love, the Pisces tend to reside in a world in which physical attraction is not important. In fact, a Pisces may even exhibit traits of asexuality as it is the Pisces that seeks out a relationship in which mind and spirit connect more so than a physical or sexual connection. With easy manipulation, when dating a Pisces, consideration should be given to the loyalty and faithfulness of the Pisces as a reminder that one should not take advantage of the kind disposition through acts of sexual contact.

In terms of careers and professionalism, Pisces tend to resonate and work best in subordinate positions. For many Pisces, the emotional and sympathetic view of the world enables them to work well in charitable organizations or small healthcare settings. Always eager to put their best foot forward, the Pisces will strive to please those they are providing care to as well as those in leadership positions. Often creative, many Pisces types will venture into religious affiliations and artistic professions such as teachers, musicians and even culinary artists. As a general rule, the Pisces may change career paths without warning, often leading to marital and financial discord.

With sympathy abound, Pisces are also well known in the mystic profession and are often used by law enforcement in questioning criminals or suspects. Pisces personalities tend to exhibit such a degree of sympathy as to relate, to a real extent, to the mind of a person who has committed a crime. To that benefit, law enforcement can utilize the instincts of the Pisces personality to assess and link crime scenes together. While still under study, this is a phenomenon strongly used by law enforcement officials.

In dating relationships, the Pisces will tend to “go with the flow” and rarely force the world to adapt to the Pisces way of thinking. Instead, the Pisces will tend to adapt to the environment in which they reside. Because of this, and the soft sided nature, Pisces can easily be taken advantage of and should be protected within a serious dating relationship as a soft hearted individual. As a dating partner, extra caution should be taken to avoid taking advantage of the relationship and the Pisces personality.

Understanding the astrological characteristics of a Pisces, and the passive and their dreamy approach to life will ensure a more pleasant dating experience. With very little physical sex drive, a passion for service and a key eye for creativity, dating a Pisces will involve a level of spiritual and intellectual connection.

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