Help Your Furry Friends Relax at a Pet Spa or Pet Day Care

Modern day pets have stresses all of their own. Your faithful friends have shorter walks, less time with you, and less play time. Pet-friendly stores, in-home sitters, pet spas, day care facilities, grooming salons, and death and bereavement services can help you with your pet care needs.

Home Relaxation Tips

Relax your four-legged family member’s tense muscles and stiff joints with an aroma-therapeutic massage. Head to your local grooming salon for a treatment of exothermic essential oils that help improve blood flow and relieve swollen joints. Pamper your pets with five-minute massages and hot oil treatments for dry winter skin.

Take Your Furry Pet to Work with You

Set up a Web cam so you can view your furry friend at play during the day. In addition, some spa and day care facilities offer Web cams.

Medical Care

Advances in medical care can help prolong your pet’s life. Preventive care can be used to diagnose illnesses in the early treatable stages. Veterinarians can use blood profiling, urinalysis, ultrasound, bone scans, endoscopy, MRIs, and CT scans to diagnose pet illnesses. Pet insurance is available to help defray the costs of medical treatments.

Day Care and Pet Spas

No bones about it. If you work long hours, day care benefits both your pet and you. The ideal pet day cares are staffed with people who love animals and love caring for them.

Look for a clean and well-maintained pet day care.

Select a pet day care with an integrated pet-check security system to ensure that your pets leave only with you or someone you have authorized.

Make sure humans are available at all times in the common pet areas.

Select a pet day care where your pet can relax and play with toys and get exposure to full spectrum lighting.

Select a pet day care with a low dog to caregiver ratio. Make sure the facility is prepared to care for your pet safely in the event of an emergency.

Make sure the facility gives your pets leashed walks outdoors at regular intervals, weather permitting.

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