Care of Euromastic Lizards

The Euromastic lizard, also know as Uromastyx, needs a carefully regulated routine to keep this desert creature warm, dry and properly fed. Like all lizards, the Euromastic needs a tightly controlled environment. You must take care to ensure a suitable environment to keep your Euromastic lizard healthy. The living enclosure should be about four feet long, twice the length of your Euromastic lizard, two feet high and two feet wide.

Care must be taken to ensure the unit is warm enough. Your Euromastic lizard comes from a hot, dry place. A combination of UV and florescent lighting is needed to provide the appropriate warmth and light. During the day the Euromastic lizard’s enclosure should be eighty to ninety degrees, while at night you must take care to lower the temperature to seventy degrees while turning the lights off. You want to be sure the environment reflects what the wild would be like for your Euromastic lizard..

You need to be sure that before you get your lizard to do some research on what is needed to properly take care of this animal. It’s not as simple to care for as a pet hamster or guinea pig. You want to be certain you know what’s needed to care for it before you make the commitment of bringing your Euromastic lizard home.

You should take care to learn what is best to be fed to the Euromastic lizard. They mainly eat vegetables with the odd fruit for a treat. These are fed fresh daily. But in the enclosure should be a low dish with dried seeds for them to eat whenever they want. A good mix should be available at your local pet store, but take care that the mix isn’t too big for their mouths. As well, care should be taken when providing water as the Euromastic lizard gets its water requirement from its food unless pregnant.

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