Stop Excessive Dog Barking…

Barking is a dog’s way to communicate. Your dog may bark when it greets you. It may bark to tell you it’s hungry or thirsty. It might bark to let you know of the presence of a stranger. There are many good reasons why your dog barks. Unfortunately, a dog often barks when he or she is lonely, bored, or when they have pent-up energy to release. This type of communication can be termed as excessive. It can also be annoying to your ears. And maybe to your neighbor’s ears as well. The good news is that you can stop excessive dog barking, if you have the know-how.

First off, if your dog barks just because he or she is bored, or, just needs some exercise, you can easily remedy that. Take some time to play with your dog and give it the attention it craves to stop excessive barking. Dogs that are tied up outside are especially prone to loneliness and boredom. Give your canine doggy chews to munch on and toys to play with to keep them occupied. You should also bring your dog inside for some interaction with you and your family as often as possible. This will also alleviate loneliness and boredom.

Maybe you should even consider getting a second canine if yours is alone too much. The companionship can be a valuable help to stop excessive dog barking.

Now, to help stop excessive dog barking, you’ll also need to train your canine. Keep in mind there is “good” barking and “bad” barking. You should praise or otherwise reward your dog for “good” barking. “Bad” barking, on the other hand, requires you to correct your dog.

For example, if a stranger comes to your door, and your dogs barks, he or she is doing its job as a watchdog. It’s letting you know that a stranger- someone who doesn’t belong on the property- is trespassing. (At least in your dog’s mind.) You should praise and reward your dog for this type of barking. Pet him or her for a minute or so, and tell it, “Good (Name)” repeatedly. Keep a container of his or her favorite dog treats handy. Give your dog one or two when it barks for a good reason. Let your canine know this type of dog barking is permissible.

Anytime your dog barks “just for fun”, you’ll need to train him or her to stop this behavior. To stop excessive dog barking, shake your finger at your dog. At the same time, tell him or her “Hush!”, or “No!” in a firm voice. (Don’t scream or swear at your pet. It doesn’t faze him or her. And don’t hit or hurt your dog either. That won’t teach him or her anything either.) It only serves to strain your vocal chords and your patience.) If the barking stops, reward them with praise. If they continue to remain quiet for a minute or two, you should repeat the praise. But if your dog continues to bark, scold him or her again. You can allow your dog to smell a treat you have hidden in your hand. That will usually stop a dog from barking because they’re too busy sniffing. But don’t let him or her eat it just yet. To stop excessive dog barking, make your canine stay quiet for a minute or two first. If it does, then you should praise it and give it the treat as a reward.

You’ll need to have patience as you teach your dog to curb its barking. Dogs are just like humans in that they learn by repetition. So, you’ll have to teach your dog over and over again until they catch on. Excessive barking tends to become a habit, and bad habits are hard to break.

You can also purchase a canine silencer or a barking-control training collar to help stop excessive dog barking. Look for these products at your local pet supply store.

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