He’s a Bad Mamma Jamma!

Tyler Perry one of the most talented black men in America has given us the opportunity to experience some of the most wonderful plays ever written. We have laughed and cried and felt a sense of comfort watching him on stage. Throughout the last couple of years he has done tremendous things such as making his presence known on the big screen with hits such as “Diary of a Mad Black Woman” and the latest film “Madea’s Family Reunion”
We all know this man is talented and with a new book “Don’t Make a Black Woman Take Off Her Earrings” we are seeing just how talented and funny he really is. Tyler opens my eyes to a lot of things about myself that I never knew or wanted to realize. The book is hilarious but shares with you knowledge that will help you when dealing with men, family, friends and just getting to know you.

On April 29th Tyler Perry graced us with his presence here in Jacksonville Florida for his book signing as well as the performance of his play “Madea Goes to Jail”. I myself attended this wonderful event and with the help of a friend we got this great photo to show off. My friend stood in line for several hours just to get an autographed signature from Tyler Perry himself.

From the moment I saw one of Tyler’s plays I was immediately hooked on the man. This was a black man that had come up from so many horrid events of his past and who can now be a role model for our young black men and women that are struggling and trying to find themselves in the society us minorities live in. Tyler Perry is an inspiration to us all. He gives us a chance to say that yes we can make it, and yes we can succeed, just look at the marvelous things we are accomplishing!

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