Illiterate Alliteration

Alliteration is a wonderful part of the English language. The repetition of the same sound at the beginning of several consecutive words in a sentence draws the sentence together and creates a sense of flow. This sense of flow also blurs the words together, but that’s another aspect of alliteration all together. Using alliteration effectively always aptly amazes and astounds an audience. Alliteration is also a key element of tonsil tearing tongue twisters. There is no limit to the joys that alliteration can inject into an otherwise bland and boring article or essay. One only needs basic understanding of the English language to utilize alliteration. That however, isn’t what this article is about.

Alliteration can also be a tool to teach toddlers who are illiterate to halt their status as the previously mentioned state. Alliteration provides the perfect link between spoken words and spelling. After all, what will help a person more to distinguish between words than making them all look and sound alike? Clearly, this tool can be used very efficiently, with the only challenge consisting of creating the sentences to be used for the rich learning experience.

Obviously, in order to enhance the blurring effect, the sentences can’t possible have any logical sense of flow, as that would give the listener something to anchor on to. That would run contrary to the point of the project, and thus would be bad.

So here you see, from A to Z, an alliteration spree.

Alliteration; always as asymmetric as asymmetry allows.
Bees being bees bite bees blushingly.
Cornered cows cower cowardly.
Distinguished Debbie dispatched deer.
Every exam, Eric excels exceedingly.
Freddy felt free-floating feet.
Gingerly, ginger guarded gargoyles.
Hairy hares have hairy hides.
Interesting Inuits interest incredibly intelligent investors.
Jousters just joust justly.
Killers killed kilted killers.
Long lives let long livers live long.
Many men mold most masterful metal manifestations.
Needlessly, nothing never nets nothing.
Honestly, oblivion obstructs order.
Painstakingly picked pens painfully pricked peons.
Quirky quitters quit quite quickly.
Really ready readers read readily.
Single seers seemingly sear singles.
Tough tigers tear tiny tigers tough tears.
Under uniforms, underwear unveils.
Vicky very verily veered.
Women won’t woo women willingly.
Xenophobes x-rayed Xena’s xylophone.
Yummy yams yield younger yams yearly.
Zesty zebras zeal zealously.

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