Holiday Gift Guide: Pollyanna 2-Disc Special Edition DVD Box Set

Shopping for the holidays can be difficult, especially if you don’t know exactly what your friends and family want. One gift that is great for children and adults alike is a Disney Classic Special Edition DVD. These classics offer a wholesome story, a nostalgic look back at the world, and a fun evening that is appropriate for the entire family. One of these classics is the Pollyanna 2 Disc Special Edition.

Technical Specification for the Pollyanna 2-Disc Special Edition DVD Box Set

While this film originally released prior to DVD’s, digital technology, and even before VHS was available for home use, the Disney company has done a great job and digitizing this family classic. This special two disc edition has be digitally remastered for Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, THX-Certified, and it is formatted in its original aspect ratio of 1.75:1. If you have a 16X9 television, this DVD set has been enhanced to meet the viewing requirements for this medium.

What Is On Disc One of the Pollyanna 2-Disc Special Edition DVD Box Set

On Disc One you will find the original Pollyanna movie. An added bonus to this disc is that it also contains the original Disney short cartoon “Nifty Nineties” with Mickey and Minnie Mouse. This animated short was shown in the movie theaters before Pollyanna was shown when it was originally released. Another bonus feature that is included on Disc Number One is an audio commentary track that includes comments on the film by both David Swift and Haley Mills.

What Is On Disc Two of the Pollyanna 2-Disc Special Edition DVD Box Set

On the second disc of Pollyanna 2-Disc Special Edition DVD Box Set are several great bonus features. First there is the featurette “Pollyanna: Making of a Masterpiece.” This disc also contains the featurettes “Re-creating Pollyanna’s America,” “1912,” and “Lost Treasures: Walt Disney TV Introductions.” In addition to these great featurettes this disc also contains production archives and a 1960 Disney Studio Album.

Where You Can Buy the Pollyanna 2-Disc Special Edition

This special edition of Pollyanna was released some time ago so it may be difficult to find at a department store. However, you may still be able to find it at a Hastings or Best Buy store. You can also find it online at several online DVD retailers like,,,, and at The price of this set is usually around $22, but you can find it for about $10 during special promotions, two for one sales, and other holiday sales.

Where You Can Get a Good Deal on Disney Movies

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