Holistic Therapy, Acupuncture, and Wellness Recommendations in Wisconsin

As alternative medicine continues to grow, more people today are focusing on a natural approach to health and wellness. In today’s hectic and fast-paced society, it is often difficult to find a way to de-stress and relax. Natural ways to calm the mind and body have been employed for centuries in cultures around the world, and massage therapy and healing practices are diverse and available in various forms. Holistic medicine and massage combines the benefits of aromatherapy, natural essences, and a healing, meditative approach to massage and relaxation. By incorporating natural healing properties into the programs, many service providers and therapists can take part in giving a transformational service!

Use this guide to serve as a listing of holistic massage therapists, acupuncture centers, family counseling resources, and other services available in your local area. These service providers may work independently, within a company, or from their own home treatment room and center. Many spas today also employ independent contractors or their own service providers to perform specific treatments with a holistic approach. Do call ahead of time to ensure you know what to expect; contact information for all is provided.

Primarily Massage:

CHT Massage Therapy
1732 N. Prospect Avenue, Milwaukee, WI
Contact Marlis Moldenhauer
(414) 223-3416

Essential Massage
Massage Therapy
212 Milwaukee Street, Menasha, WI
Contact R. Laing
(414) 294-0198

Body Tech Massage Therapy
N88W15489 Main Street, Menomonee Falls, WI
(414) 347-1865

Bodyworks Massage Therapy
7635 W Oklahoma Avenue, #214 Milwaukee, WI
Contact: T. Cheski
(414) 483-4882

Koehler Enterprises, Inc.
Massge Therapy
3535 W. Oklahoma Avenue, Milwaukee, WI
Conact: Luckow
(414) 476-9008

Kathie M. Camp & Associates
3970 Oakland Avenue, Milwaukee, WI
Contact: J. Robertson Jr.
(414) 302-1011

Life Force Healing Center
2120 E. Rusk Avenue, Milwaukee, WI
Contact: S. Herbage
(414) 302-1011

Falls Relaxation & Therapaeutic
785 N. Jefferson Street, Milwaukee, WI
Contact: J. Jensen
(414) 645-1616

Avalon Life Center
3647 S. Chase Avenue, Milwaukee, WI
(920) 232-1028

D Lynne Luckow-Healing Hands
2289 Ludington Avenue, Milwaukee, WI
(414) 632-7374

Michael Rude
Massage Therapist
1011 N. Mayfair Road, #301, Milwaukee, Wi
(414) 884-8059

Shadean Therapeutic Massage
1011 N. Mayfair Road, #301 Milwaukee, WI
Contact: A Shattuck
(414) 886-5858

Nutrition, Wellness, and Counseling:

Wellness Center
4701 National Avenue, Milwaukee, WI

Complete Health Service
407 High Street, Racine, WI
(715) 395-0139

Gentle Therapies
Weight Maintenance/Counseling
1507 Tower Avenue, Superior, WI
Contact: R. Fritz
(414) 383-9383

Superior Touch
Weight Maintenance/Counseling
1507 Tower Avenue, Superior, WI
Contact: N. Hornby
(414) 332-8159

Trudy Davis
Family Counseling
3602 Atwood Avenue #3, Madison, WI
Contact: P. Schlutz (608) 222-6181

Hawkwinds Counseling Center
Family Counseling
2158 Atwood Avenue, Madison, WI
(608) 256-0079

Ginny Goplen
Family Counseling
4510 Monona Drive, Madison, WI
(920) 725-3727

M. Joanne Torrey Kinlein Practitioners
Family Counseling
301 S. Bedford Street, Madison, WI
(414) 250-4515

Gayatri Center for Healing
Holistic Practitioners
302 3rd Avenue, Fontana, WI
(920) 469-1671

Herbal Connection
N5821 Fairway Drive, Fredonia, WI
Contact: K. Anderson
(920) 465-9155

Center for Healing Arts
2330 Meadow Park Drive, Green Bay, WI
(920) 757-1072

West Central Colon Hydro-Therapy
221 S. Webster Avenue, Green Bay, WI
Contact: S. Syfko
(715) 386-1154

Hummingbird Inner Resources
N922 Tower View Drive, Greenville, WI
(920) 261-6970

Camp Kathie RMT, LLC
700 Rayovac Drive, #320 Madison, WI 53711
(608) 274-6210

Synergy Wellness Center
3310 University Avenue, #204, Madison, WI 53705
(608) 233-3588

Holistic Practitioners:

Blue Sky Health Association
Holistic Practitioner
1301 Coulee Road, Hudson, WI
Contact: R. Alwa (414) 248-1430

Holistic Wellness Center
W1540 Gopher Hill Road, Ixonia, WI
Contact: Q. Xie (608) 238-6688

Health America Well Care
717 Geneva Street, Lake Geneva, WI
Contact: K. Albrecht (608) 251-2408

Sai Holistic Health Center
313 Price Place, #3, Madison, WI
(608) 249-2378

Katrina Albrecht
Holistic Practitioner
301 S. Bedford Street, Madison, WI
Contact: K. Bibeau (608) 278-7571

Linda Dow
Holistic Practitioner
2453 Atwood Avenue, Madison, WI
Contact: D. Friedman (608) 276-7811

Healing LIne
5600 Medical Circle, Madison, WI
Contact : Linda Dow (608) 288-9141

Whole Body Whole Mind
4333 Nakoma Road, Madison, WI
Contact: C. Meyers (608) 257-4646

Wellness Center
6401 Odana Road, Madison, WI
Contact: G. Goplen (608) 222-2236

Blue Earth Studio
301 S. Bedford Street, #2, Madison, WI
Contact: K. Behrens (608) 244-2446

Sandra Herbage
Holistic Practitioner
6320 Monona Drive, Madison, WI
Contact: K. Whiterabbit (608) 226-0052

Miracles Institute
2037 Winnebago Street, Madison, WI
Contact: W. Hobbins, MD (608) 273-4274

Mind Body Connection Center
42 Whispering Waers Circle, Madison, WI
Contact: K. Camp (608) 274-6210

Stillpoint Center for Healing
5510 Medical Circle #B, Madison, WI
(608) 223-9683

Health Concepts, LLC
700 Rayovac Drive, #320, Madison, WI
Contact: S. Herbage, MD (608) 246-9070

Wellhouse Center
6320 Monona Drive, Madison, WI
Contact: C. Rose (608) 249-2188

Transformations, Inc.
1507 Tower Avenue, #314, Superior, WI
Contact: K. Schlais (414) 329-0658

Blair L. Lewis
Homeopathic Practitioner
N5821 Fairway Dr. Fredonia WI
(414) 351-2340


Jensen Health and Energy Center
Acupuncture Practice
2421 N. Mayfair Rd. Suite 300 Wauwatsa, WI
Contact: Jan Jensen (414) 443-1616

Acupuncture and Oriental Massage Therapy
Acupuncture Practice
8228-195 Ave. Bristol WI
Contact Lorna Lee Lawler (414) 857-9343

Center for Acupuncture and Alternative Medicine
326 Center St. Lake Geneva WI
Contact: Stephanie H. Hughes (414) 537-2392

Acupuncture Services
Quary Hill Bldg. 720 St. #200 Madison WI
Contact: Pamela W. Atkins (608) 233-5585

Bioenergy Clinic, Inc.
4333 Nakoma Rd. Madison WI
Contact: Debra K. Friedman (608) 276-7811

Acupuncture & Pain Clinic
780 Regent Ste #301 Madison WI
Contact: Jae Bock Chung (608) 256-0808

Leadership Center Midwest, Inc.
Acupuncture Practice
6025 N. Hyacinth Lane Glendale WI
Contact: Arthur D. Rapking (414) 906-9699

Ace Acupuncture Clinic of Milwaukee, LLC,
8412 W. Capitol Dr. Milwaukee, WI
(414) 438 9488

Acupuncture Healing Arts
7635 W. Oklahoma Ave. Ste. 214 Milwaukee WI
Contact: Karen Stuberg Schlais (414) 329-0658

Oriental Health Care Acupuncture Practice
1341 Grove Ave. Racine WI
Contact: Claudia J. Flynn (414) 632-7374

Acupuncture Therapy & Herbal Clinic
5542 Cambridge Ln. Apt 4 Racine WI
Contact: Barbara Beggs (414) 884-8878

Albert Stuart L. Acupuncture
218 S. Madison Ave. Sturgeon Bay WI
Contact: Albert C. Stuart (920) 746-4103

Blue Sky Clinic
2503 N Hillcrest Parkway, Altoona, WI
Contact: K. Bates (715) 835-1421

Michael P. Luckett Acupuncture
515 W. Pershing Street, Appleton, WI
Contact: T. Davis (920) 739-2569

Acupuncture Plus
2003 N. Meade Street, Appleton, WI
(920) 830-7632

Kim Bibeau
Acupuncture Practice
1213 N. Superior Street, Appleton, WI
(920) 738-6628

Bioenergy Clinic, Inc.
Baraboo, WI
(608) 356-2926

Golden Oak Chinese Medical
Acupuncture Practice
333 Bishops Way, #144, Brookfield, WI
Contact: J. Ehmke (414) 860-1600

Healing Arts Center
260 Regency Court, Brookfield, WI (414) 821-9190

Acupuncture Healing Arts
4763 N. 124th Street, Butler, WI
(414) 321-7536

Oriental Health Center
W61N313 Washington Avene, Cedarburg, WI
(414) 375-8540

Wisconsin Institute-Chinese
Acupuncture Practice
102 W. Main Street, Chilton, WI (920) 849-9380

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