Holy People: The Differences Between Ladies, Females, Women, and Girls

Ladies, females, women, and girls all share the hole despite being at odds with one another. Physically, they are the same. Characteristically though however they are different. Here are some of my observations.

Ladies are well behaved, graceful, and charming. They are down, but not out because they are very strong. This strength though is masqueraded in everything they do. Everything they do requires the utmost concern and attention to detail. It is this patience and this commitment to excellence where the lady flexes her muscles even though the results are elegant.

Underneath all the grace and underneath all the charm is a person who takes so much pride in the work she spends maintaining that certain level of prettiness. She spends that time because inside she is a wreck. She is an emotional freight train, but knows that it can be unseemly. She wants to have a good reputation. She wants to be known as a person of substance so she hides beneath her painted face, underneath that silky dress, saving that charisma and that excitement for the man in her life that she loves most if he ever gets it at all.

If he doesn’t, she will never tell him. She will live in propriety and be satisfied with her reputation, but inside she may never feel again. Her emotions will become foreign to her, and eventually they will disappear leaving her the most civilized of all holy people.

Females are malicious, nurturing, and sexy. She is almost the exact opposite of a lady even though on many levels they are actually quite similar. Ladies are introverts while females are usually extroverts. They do however share a certain love for the masquerade. The restricting of inner demons with the construction of superficial beauty. The main difference like I said is that the female tends to be a little bit more diverse.

She tends to get out more. Whereas ladies are fixed beneath the masquerade and very tempted to come out yet rarely do, females will come out from behind the curtain and play the game at a much more sensational level. They will be the bosom that men want to rest their head on after failing yet again to secure their own foundation. They will be the kiniving bitch that punishes a man after he has failed yet again to secure her foundation.

The female will take her emotions and use them forcefully but usually correctly. It makes her very powerful, but at times too uptight. She knows this though yet enjoys the sensation of being on yet in full effect. It’s how she gets off, and becomes the lady once again. The female rides her emotions and manages their sanity whereas the lady blocks them out completely. It is the reason why one is proper and the other has power.

Women are rude, tough, and fun. They are rarely proper and they’re power is pretentious. They are attractive because they are members of the holy people who are most like people with the stick. People with the stick are not holy people. They are the opposites of the holy people. They are opposites of the holy people because holy people have holes and people with the stick have a stick where the hole is to holy people. Women are the holy people most like people with a stick. They are not refined like the lady, they are not accurate like the female, but rather rampant and chaotic.

They are this way because they get the most action. They have the most fun. They are the most difficult to shake, and they are the most unseemly because of this frigidness. They respond to their emotions on many different levels and do not respond to one in particular. In turn, they are acting on all sides. The lady suppresses these desires. The female carefully chooses which ones she is going to explore. The woman however is open to all. She is constantly bombarded with pressure to perform and has trouble maintaning order because she wants to be so flexible. She wants to be so needy. It is in her innate nature to explore these opportunities but she cannot withstand the heat because they are so abundant, so she becomes tough and ultimately very rude. The heat is too much for her and she doesn’t know how to take it chivalrously like the lady.

There is so much of it that she cannot focus on any element in particular like the female. It’s fun for the woman though because her time is in demand even though she does not possess the propriety or the power to deal with it rationally. In turn, she can become destructive. It is very difficult for her to be in it all the time though, which is precisely which makes her the woman. Ladies are rarely in it. Females come and go, but the woman, the woman is in it as much as possible. I’m talking about the heat here. The heat behind her desires.

Girls are sweet, nieve, and shy. They’re innocence is a place for people with the stick to escape although sometimes it is abused. The girl in relationship to the lady, in relationship to the female, and in relationship to the woman does not properly masquerade her desires, does not accurately focus on what is to be forcefully expressed, and does not battle with the heat on all sides like a modern woman. The girl succumbs to all these desires, all of these inner conflicts, and takes on the responsibility of those that belong to others. She is not interested in herself but always in others.

How she is doing is not important to her because her satisfaction lies in pleasing everyone else. She is a humanitarian and should be cared for like fine wine. She is fragile and delicate, but not like the lady. Whereas the lady’s attention to detail is the mark of strength and confidence, the girl’s attention to detail is weak and empty. It makes her fragile and delicate but very sweet and very caring. Because of this fragility the girl is in need of more protection than any of the other holy people, but don’t be fooled, she is very clever. The girl is able to focus expression like the female, but not to such a forcefull degree. The girl’s focus is just as accurate, but usually less intense. In turn, the control is subliminal.

The girl is in control but other’s may not know it. It is this level of control that separates a girl from the woman. Girls are usually able to control the heat in their loins whereas a woman may not be able to. The girl is able to maintain this control because of her nievity, because of her sweetness. Her expression is weak. It may be under attack. They’re usually strong enough though however to thwart any kind of heat because the heat is never legitimate. It’s a figment of their imagination. The heat bounces off them like a ray of light. Ultimately, they’re just a reflection of.

Figuring out who is who in the group of holy people becomes a task left unto itself. You can’t go wrong with a female, but you can seriously foul up with a woman. Girls are sure things and ladies usually come along once in a lifetime. They come along once in a lifetime because they are consistently boring, and penetrating their boredom goes against their will. Ladies are to be boring.

That’s what makes them so great. They’re boring and when they don’t have to be if provoked, they are. Females are exciting and intimidating. They are absolutely divine. They, like the lady, are usually very boring, but a lady will rarely break out of her boredom intrinsically. It must be provoked from the outside. A female will break out of her boredom selfishly, voluminously, and often at times with sheer levels of brilliance. Women achieve this level of brilliance on occasion but not as often as the female because the woman makes too many attempts.

The woman is rarely ever bored. She is always occupying her time with heat. Over time she may learn to manage it, but usually it winds up managing her and that’s not necessarily because she can’t handle it, but rather because there is so much of it. She maintains her strength though because she is the only holy person who tackles this heat head on and at all costs. The heat that girls are given is usually locked up. It is locked up because it is stolen. It is hot, as in wanted by the law. It never really exists. The law burns it. In turn it means nothing to her. She rides about nievely, pure and sweet.

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