Home Energy Bills Equal Mortgage Payments

Windows are necessary in all homes for appearance and natural light, and if they are wood windows with single glazed sashes, they probably need replacing. In most parts of the United States until the 1960s, single pane windows were installed by a large percentage of new home builders. Beginning in the late ’60s insulated glass became affordable in residential windows and were used by most upscale builders and developers. These windows were constructed with wood frames, and designs were added that made windows aesthetic inside and out.

Wood window sizes are the same per window design regardless of the manufacturer. The wood windows can be removed from the opening and replaced with a more efficient and durable vinyl window with insulated glass, and it comes slightly tinted for heat resistance. The energy savings predicted by contractors and utility companies, over a period of time less than 10 or 12 years will pay for the newer window, and you will enjoy an electric bill that will be less than previous bills. It is possible to replace your single pane windows with insulated glass by exchanging the sashes within the windows. This will be less laborious and cost less tan vinyl windows with a great improvement over the older windows.

There are other ways to lower costs associated with heating and cooling and receive rebates in the process. In Ohio, several electric companies are offering $650.00 rebate for newly installed geothermal heating and cooling systems. Also, available is a 30 percent federal tax credit for an installed and working system. Georgia Power offers its customers rebates up to $ 2200 depending on which reduction in energy is met. There are reductions or rebates for heat pumps, increased attic and floor insulation, insulated windows and doors, programmable thermostats, and water heater wraps. Adding ceiling fans to all rooms, including the kitchen, is a less expensive but efficient method of moving air throughout your residence.

When choosing a contractor, there will be more to consider than just price! There is not a limit on the amount of quotes that will give you a great contractor, just follow some simple rules and you will receive the installation that you dreamed of. One way of choosing a contractor is talking to family and friends who had similar work on their residence and letting them share their happiness or frustration with their contractor. Ask the contractor for 5 recent completed jobs and names, contact numbers and addresses, so you can observe his work and talk to the homeowner. Also, ask about 2 or 3 completed jobs that are 2 years or more, so you can see how he responds to punch lists and warranties. The chosen contractor must have a state license if applicable, workers compensation, liability, and vehicle insurance. Check with your local jurisdiction for any necessary permits. An energy contractor, or heating and cooling contractor usually has to be approved by your electric supplier to receive any rebates.

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