Parking Deck Collapses Today in Charlotte, NC

Today as I read the breaking news headlines, the headlines said, “Parking deck collapses at SouthPark Mall”. .

As I read this article some things crossed my mind, such as the strength and safety of these types of buildings and other buildings.

I wonder if there is a way to make them stronger and if it is cost effective?

While I can see where these parking garages do save land space, I wonder how safe these are normally. I am guessing that most of the time these are safe for the number of vehicles that they have.

So what could of prevented this accident from happening? According to the report I read a car crashed into the edge of the top the top level of the parking deck, the car then fell through an opening causing the three tier deck to collapse. What led up to this crash I don’t know as I have only seen the one report so far.

If there is a weakness in these parking garages this should be corrected. Because this is something that has the potential to cause serious injury to many people. Especially if this is a structural weakness.

It is my personal opinion that these garages should be extra strong so as to prevent them from collapsing even if someone bumps into the side of these. Under normal conditions these walls should be crash proof if that is possible.

I think it maybe good to investigate whether or not some sort of rubber railings would help, prevent vehicles from ever even touching these walls.

I read an update a little while ago, it appears at least on person has died, I believe it is the driver of the car. This is very sad especially as many will be celebrating this year with their families.

The article did not say, but it is quite possible that she was also getting ready to celebrate with her family and friends as this is the season when many choose to celebrate Christmas, along with several other holidays.

As you celebrate the holidays this year and every year take time to thank God for all the blessings that you have. And to pray for those who have lost family members, especially those who have lost family or friends during the times of year that many are celebrating.

Sometimes it is hard to celebrate with friends and family when someone you love is gone. Especially if this happens when your expecting to be celebrating instead of mourning.

Parking decks, a way to land space, but when they collapse they create heartache, and many difficulties.

Today is a sad day for at least one family. As their loved one has died.

Remember to pray for those who are hurting this season.

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