Easy Steps to Replace a Kitchen Spray Hose

A broken kitchen spray hose is a needless distraction in any kitchen. With a few simple tools and some replacement parts you can easily fix any problem causing a leak or replace the nozzle entirely.

It is important to know precisely where the leak is coming from before you make a repair. If the leak is occurring in the actual nozzle unit, you may need only minor repairs. If the leak is occurring in the hose, you may need to replace only that part. And if the leak occurs at a connection, you can save money by fixing the connection only.

Before beginning, turn off the water supply valve underneath the sink. Turn on the faucet to drain the line as much as possible before removing the water supply line.

If the spray nozzle itself is leaking between the seams of the nozzle, you may be able to replace the gaskets within the nozzle. Open the unit and look at the rubber gaskets. Most nozzles simply twist apart.

If the gasket is in poor condition, remove the old gasket. Look for a replacement gasket at your local hardware store, taking the old gasket with you for comparison. Then simply replace the old gasket with the new part in the spray nozzle. Test your work by turning on the water and using the sprayer.

If the leak is underneath the sink where the hose attaches to the faucet, you may be able to strengthen the seal without replacing anything. Remove the supply line from the faucet assembly. Clean both ends of the connection. Then wrap plumber’s tape around the threads before screwing the piece back into place.

If that does not work, you can replace the entire sprayer, the hose, or the whole assembly. To replace the entire assembly, begin by removing the supply line from the faucet assembly. Then you can also remove the old kitchen sink spray hose by pulling the spray nozzle and accompanying line from the top of the sink.

After you have removed the old sprayer, the new spray hose hookup is easily completed. Begin by threading the new line through the top of the sink. Then use plumber’s tape to wrap around the end to create a better seal between the threads of the hose and a retaining nut.

Attach the hose with the retaining nut to the faucet where the old spray nozzle was once attached. On the other end of the line, attach the new sprayer. If you are just replacing the hose, you can use your old spray nozzle for this step. Turn on the water to test your new sprayer and make any necessary adjustments.

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