Lahore. It’s the 6th of July today and Lahore is as humid as ever. I can’t breathe when I get out of my air conditioned room to get a glass of warm water because the refrigerator has given up and is not cooling at all. The monsoons should be coming by now, I hope. For all those who don’t know what the monsoons are, well the monsoon season is the rainiest season in Pakistan, and Lahore is the best place to be during that time. Here’s a list of things all the Lahori’s (people of Lahore) should be doing these days. O’levels have finished and now all of the students are free for three months, so here’s what should be done.

#5 Watch Indiana Jones at the DHA Cinema or you could wait for the 11th of July to watch Kung fu Panda.

#4 Sleep all day in an air conditioned room because the heat is a killer.

#3 Go bowling.

#2 Go for swimming to Gymkhana.

#1 Do an internship somewhere and build your CV.

Ciao Amigo’s!

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