Home Filled with Garbage Kills One, Injures Another

Stories of homes in deplorable conditions appear from time to time in local and national news. The intensity of the conditions in this home has claimed the life of one and hospitalized another. Long Island volunteer firefighters found the body of an elderly man under piles of rotting garbage. Firefighters responding to a call from relatives who were unable to contact a woman living in the house were astonished to see the conditions inside the home. The outside of the home appeared well kept and was located in a nice neighborhood. Inside the home was a horrific different story.

Garbage filled with human and animal waste was piled to the ceiling in some rooms of the house. Erik Kenny, a responding firefighter, said, “There was garbage, cans, boxes, clothing, papers, whatever you can collect in every room, some spots to the ceiling, some three feet to the ceiling.” Human, as well as animal feces were found in buckets as well as the trash. The animal feces has been determined to have come from raccoons and possums. It is unknown how the animals gained entry into the home.

While searching the home firefighters heard moaning. They were able to resuce 85 year old Helen Bushwick by following her moaning sounds and locating her feet. A pile of rubbish had fallen onto the elderly woman trapping her beneath. It appears Brunswick was unable to climb out from under the trash and was pinned to the ground for some time.

The elderly man was identified as Bushwick’s brother-in-law. Bushwick was transported to the hospital where she was treated for dehydration. How long the two had been trapped is unknown, however neighbors told officials they had not seen the two in about a week.

The relatives of Bushwick have not publicly commented onto the conditions of the house. The Department of Human Services may be called in to condemn the house at least until proper cleaning can be completed. Relatives may be called to begin gather the personal effects of the two that are salvageable.

Nassau County police have not released the name of the elderly man whose body was found earlier. Neighbors have reported they had no idea of the conditions inside the house. The health of the elderly couple before the incident has not been disclosed. It is unknown whether they were able to properly care for themselves. Officials investigating the case have not discussed the possible reasons for the conditions of the home.


www.wsmv.com 14 April 2007

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