Home Remedies for Different Diseases

Group 1 : Contributors
Vl : Kakudibhaga,
GP: Kakudibhaga,
Block : Sadar,
Dist : Dhenkanal,
State :Orissa,
Country : India
a.Lina Sahoo.
b.Bhabeni Sahoo.
c.Sanju Sahoo.
d.Shanti Sahoo.

1. Common cold :-
a- Garlic seasoned in mustard oil. Should be wrapped in a towel around the neck. It clears the blockage in the respiratory tube due to thick cough.
b- Tulasi juice & Honey relieves the patient from coughing (dry cough). One should note that to get the cough out one has to vomit.
c.Black Zeera Powder with Honey.
d.Harida cures the cough problem.
e.Tea of Tulsi leaves
f.Tejpatta + Tulsi+Ginger+Black pepper tea to be taken warm

2.Constipation : Roasted Harida chewing cures one from constipation.

3. Malaria :-
12.Gangasiuli Juice with Honey & Black Pepper kills the malaria parasite in the body. Should be taken for 21 days continuously. If discontinued, start again for the next 21 days. B)Malaria can be cured if one bows in front of Pepul tree for two days after bathing. c) Put a pidha in front of the patient. Have him smell two gaisha leves. Cross over the pidha without touching it, and throw the leaves out.

4. Dysentery:-
a-To cure the Dysentery problem Lemon paste is taken.
b-Tea powder is boiled, then made a paste and use
c-Paste of tender leaves of Guava, Mint, Cumin Seed & Mutha to be taken
d-Porridge of Par-boiled rice with Pasaruni leaves and milk
e-Chuda with ripe banana
f-5 tender leaves of guava with 5 pieces of ginger to be made in to a paste and then to b drank with a glass of water, 2/3 times each day.
g-Min leaves with dry ginger and salt
h-Patalagaruda root with 7 black pepper : to be had in a paste.

Group 2 : Contributors
Vl : Sansailo, GP: Bileibolakateni, Block : Sadar, Dist : Dhenkanal
a.Sabita Behera
b.Manasi Behera
c.Santilata Behera
d.Labanyabati Sahoo
e.Khulana Sahoo

One can keep safe from common diseases by chewing 4/5 leaves of Tulsi each day.
5. Indigestion :-
Black salt with gisnger
6. Night Blindness
Goat dung inside a roasted brinjal to be swallowed.
7. Severe body pain due to cold : Pure coconut oil/Ghee with bit Salt to be massaged throughout the body
8. Avoid Conjunctivitis : Have a mouthful of water, close the eyes, and apply water slowly on the eyelids.
9. Eyesore can be cured by applying own saliva.
10. Acidity : Mint leaf and black pepper paste with water
11. To prevent lice :
b)Juice of Hibiscus leaves/ Champa leaves is applied in between hair strings and allowed to dry, to be washed afterwards
c)Juice of betel leaves applied before going to bed, to be washed in the morning
12.Lizard bite : Garlic juice to be applied on the affected area
13.Lip cracks : repeated application of coconut milk or butter
14.Gingered nail : a)Katechu paste (Khaira) application. B)A whole is to be made in a whole lemon and the finger is put into it. It would mature the boil, in two three days. Then ooze out the puss and apply a little Arakha milk and bandage it.
15.Worms : Burnt wheat grains paste with turmeric powder to be taken.
16.Ear infection : Asafoetida in water solution to be applied. b) Juice of Sajana leaves seasoned with mustard oil is to be put into the ear. C) Apply lemon juice or garlic paste into the ear to get rid of ear-ache.

17.White hair : a. Neem oil application
b. Paste of Raw mango kernel and green bark of Palash flower in equal quantity to be applied in the hair.
c. Cooked Hidimicha leaves are to be eaten
18.Hair falling : Bichhuati seed paste to be applied in hair. B) Dhatura juice can also be applied. C) Clove and nutmeg paste can be applied in the hair and then washed off. D) Coconut oil and lime are to be applied after mixing them well.
19.Cut/Bruise : a.Juice of Duba grass to be applied. Bandage with a piece of back cotton cloth. The pain also gets relived.
b. Bisalya karani paste also helps. C) Juice of merri-gold is also effective.
20.Eczema : a. Dubagrass is to be applied to rasi oil and then the oil is to be applied.
b. Neem oil is also helpful.
c. 7 neem leves per day are to be chewed for 21 days.
21.Foot crack : a. Apply butter. Then bask the feet in fire.
b. Tamarind sauce application
22.Sore throat : Jasmine flower to be kept inside mouth. Salt water gurgling.
23.goiter : Root of Aparajita with ghee to be taken
24.Pain in throat : a. A spoon of honey thrice a day. B. Warm lemon water gurgling
25.Skin eruption during humidity: a. Sandal wood paste application/ Juice of Hidimicha leave application/ Oil and water application/ Cooked Coconut oil application on the body prevents skin eruption
26.Common complaints of joint pain :a. Application of the Paste of Black Dhatura leaves. b. Soaking the legs below the knee joint in warm water and washing them repeatedly.
27.Skin diseases : a. Paste of Simuli roots along with orange juice to be taken .b) Powder of same ratio of root, flower,fruit,bark and leaves of neem of half a spoon amount to be taken twice a day for 15 days. C) Chakunda root paste can be applied. D) Lemon juice can be applied for 5 times a day.
28.Skin lice : a. Paste of the leaves of Pokasungha. B. The oily secreation of Ou to be applied on the body and to be washed when dried.
29.Sore tongue : Water boiled with Tej leaves and cooled after wards is to be gurgled. B) Coconut milk in hot rice
30.Measles : a. 8 tender berry leaves with stem, one clove, one cadamom seed, to be made a paste and given one spoon each time so that vomiting does not occur. This paste is to be had once and not repeated ( paste once made is enough for the body, and to be taken in small amounts). Chakunda seed and Jhuna paste with Kanji (stale rice of about 4 days) are to be applied on the body.
31.Boil due to dead skin (machha-akhia) a) Coriander leaves are to be boiled in water. The hot pad teatment with this water is to be given. b) Warm mustard oil is to be applied to the boil in drops.
32.Weak brain : Apple, Almond,figs,grapes,date plam,rexin,banana,orange etc. are to be taken in plenty. Food should be light. Plenty of green vegetables to be eaten.
33.Pimples : Bark of Aparajita to be burnt to ash which is to be taken with butter for one month. B) Application of a paste of custard-apple leaves. C) Dried neem leaves to be seasoned with ghee and applied on the pimple. D) Amaroi leaves to be bandaged with its back on the skin which helps the pimples to open. Then with application of leaves of bitter-gourd, it dries up.
34.Bad breath : Lemon juice with two drops of rose water to be gurgled twice a day.
35.Black spots on face.: a. Thorn of Simuli is to be made a paste with cow milk to be applied on the face, which is to be washed after two hours. B. orange peels are to be dried open air ( not in the Sun) and to be made a paste to be applied on the face. C. Very ripe papaya paste application on face, to be washed when dry.
36.To increase the glow on the face : a. Either of cowmilk/butter/milk froth/buttermilk to be applied on the face with turmeric/phitkiri. B) Fresh cow milk with lemon juice
37.Bedwetting : One morsel of raw Chuda to be eaten.
38.Dysentery with blood stains: New hanging roots of Banyan tree paste with rice washed water and curd is to be taken.
39.Anemia : Daily one spoon of Basang leave juice, Ginger and honey to be had for one month.
40.To increase blood : One day fasting with only taking the sweet kanda of the jaggery No water to be had. If one fees thirsty, then have Naspati. Next day, one has to have khichdi of Mung, and normal food from 3rd day onwards is to be takn.
41.Burning sensation on foot and palm : Juice of berry leves to be applied. B) Amarpoi juice leaves to be applied. C) Mehendi leave paste to be applied.
42.Skin shedding : Equal quantity of Ginger along with Jaggery to be had for few days.
43.Hiccup : Nutmeg, clove,cumin seed in equal amounts in a paste with rice-washed water to be had. B) Check breathing for sometime.
44.Stomach-ache : A dry red chilly to be hard-seasoned with ghee, and the ghee is to be eaten leaving the chilly aside. B) Blackgram -cake is to be eaten c) black Aparajita root paste with sugar and honey to be had for 7 days. D) A pinch of Samuka ash with warm water and honey to be had.
45.Paleness : Milk and rice. Salt and water to be avoided for few days. B) Juice of White puruni leaves with black pepper to be had twice daily for 21 days.
46.Dog-bite : The skin hair of any dog to be had with a ripe banana to get rid of the poision. B) A piece of tiger skin is burnt to ash and the ash is to be had putting inside a ripe banana .
47.Cat-bite : Application & drinking of 7 spoons of juice /coriander juice. B) application of onion juice
48.insect-bite /snake bite : application of tulsi juice. B) Neem leaves taste sweet when there is poision in the body. C) apllication of Arakha milk. Drining of 7 drops of the same with water. D) Juice of Banana leave stem with black Tulsi to be had to destroy snake-poison. E) Paste of one Karanja seed with water. F) Cut the snake bite area to take out the poison and apply arakh milk. G) Eating the paste of 2/3 earthworms.h) For scorpion bite application of mutha milk/Leutia juice/Ckhaunda juice/Gudakhu/Krosene/ warm Tulsi juice/ Onion paste with lime ill help.
49. Ashthema : Take out the water of a coconut through the eye. A pinch of ginger, a spoon of Arakha milk, a spoon of juice of Begunia leaves, a pinch of bit salt is to be put in the coconut through the eye and should be covered with soil. The cow-dung is to be applied on the coconut and and to be burnt in cow-dung-cake. The juice inside would get cooked. This juice is to be had one spoon each time.
50.TB : Boiled peeled salgam with pippali paste to be eaten.
51.Bad body odor : Juice of Bel leaves is to be applied with turmeric powder.
52.Loss of appetite : Sugar candy with 10 black pepper paste in a sarbat. B) 5 gm of ani seed (Panamadhuri) is soaked overnight which is to be made a paste and to be drank with the same water.c) Curry of raw banana. D) To eat Salgam Chuttney regularly for few days
53.Urine infection : Old stock tamarind juice helps. B) 57 stems of mango leaves to be chewed and well water to be drank.
54.Burn : Raw Amla paste application on the affected area. B) Pure coconut oil with lime water to be applid c) Edible soda with water to be applied d) Honey with salt to be applied. D) Raw banana to be fried with mustard oil. The left over oil is to be applied .
55.Excessive urination : 50 gm of sun dried rice is to be fried and mixed with 50 gm of sugar. Should be divided into two shares. One share is to be taken at a time. B) Champa variety of ripe banana is to be added ith sugar candy water and to be had twice a day.
56.No urination : Merrigold leaves to be made into a paste and to be had with sugar candy. B) half gram of karpur to be had
57.For groin infection : Application of Arakha milk.
58.Jaundice : Karanja leves in a smasan to be had on a Saturday, made a paste and put as tilak on the forehead of children to cure jaundice. B) 10 drops of raw papya milk with sugar to be had during jaundice c) Ripe Papaya with sugar and honey d) Lemon juice with the juice of onion to be had in the morning d) Raw apapya milk with ripe banana for 20 days
59.To increase brain power : 5 black pepper with brahmi leves in the morning and evening.
60.Bata : Bada with butter. B) Par boiled rice with coriander leaves c) Bela leaves with ginger and a pinch of bit salt in the morning and evening d) Equal amount of Tulsi juice, ghee,black pepper to be taken for 15 days e) Mudhi with 24 cloves of garlic for 3 days
61.Gastric : Banana manja put in water. The water is to be drank.
62.Growth on skin : Juice of Sajana bark with salt to applied twice daily. B) Green twig of Cutton to be baked on file and the warm juice of it to be applied.
63. To get rid of drunkenness : a) Black tea without sugar to be given b) Tamarind sause c) Make him smell asafetida/Juice of leaves of jackfruit
64.Increase wt of child : Milk and orange juice.

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