Home Remedy for Toenail Fungus

Toenail fungus is a common problem that can be very embarrassing. Those with discolored, yellow, flaking toenails avoid wearing sandals with open toes, and they avoid going barefoot. Toenails infected with toenail fungus are unattractive and disgusting, and as if the embarrassment isn’t enough, toenail fungus can be quite painful. Toenails infected with toenail fungus sometimes loosen and fall off, and in the process, any bumps or other mishaps can cause a great deal of suffering.

Many people have toenail fungus, and prescription medications are available that effectively treat this common problem. Although prescription medications can be very effective, their effectiveness doesn’t come without a price. The possible side effects and warnings sound far worse than the pain and stigma of toenail fungus, so many people continue to endure the pain, suffering, and embarrassment.

Preparation for Application

There is an effective home remedy for curing toenail fungus, but before applying this product, it’s important to properly prepare the toenails so the home remedy can reach the infected tissues.

Clip affected toenails as short as possible, and file them down to reduce their thickness. Doing so makes it easier for the home remedy to reach the infection since the infection lies beneath the nails.

In addition to clipping and filing the nails, keep your toenails dry, and wear absorbent cotton socks. If possible, don’t wear shoes all day long. Allowing the feet to breathe will help keep them dry and a less desirable host for toenail fungus.

A Home Remedy That Really Works

Vapor rub is good for much more than clearing chest congestion and stuffy noses. Vapor rub is an effective home remedy that gets rid of toenail fungus. Simply apply vapor rub to infected toenails morning and night. Rub it in after bathing and drying the feet, and before retiring. Wear lightweight cotton socks to bed if you’re concerned about soiling the sheets.

If a toenail is falling off, or has fallen off, continue applying the vapor rub as directed. It might take weeks or even months, but before long you’ll notice a new nail coming in that’s clear and free from toenail fungus.

Personal Experience Regarding Toenail Fungus and Vapor Rub

My husband had a severe case of toenail fungus, and he had ongoing problems with toenails falling off and flaking. He had about the worst case imaginable. I told him about this fantastic home remedy, and with some skepticism, he began applying vapor rub as directed above. Infected toenails eventually fell off as they have in the past, but instead of growing back with the same infection, his toenails grew back clear and completely normal.

If you’re suffering from toenail fungus, give this simple home remedy a try. This home remedy for curing toenail fungus has helped scores of people, and if you apply it faithfully, it can work for you too. Vapor rub is inexpensive, and you don’t have to buy a name brand variety to achieve outstanding results.

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