Healing Powers of Prayer

For centuries humans have believed in the healing powers of prayer. They have prayed for their own wellbeing and the well being of people close to them. Every spiritual tradition has its own form of prayer and as a result prayer often means different things to different people. In its most basic form prayer can be defined as a way of reaching out to God. But does prayer really heal? Can it really heal wounds and get people out of the operation theatre faster?

The healing powers of prayer have now been the subject of many scientific studies and much controversy, without producing any conclusive evidence to decide either way. While science continues to grapple with the subjects related to prayer the religious community believes prayer and faith have powers beyond rational belief. They may not really be on the wrong track.

What we do know is that prayer helps the body relax and lowers stress. As a direct output of this relaxed state the body begins to heal itself. So the healing powers of prayer do kick in when you are praying for yourself. If you pray regularly you are also likely to be more happy and content and are less likely to suffer from anxiety, depression, cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure.

The healing powers of prayer also kick in if you mediate regularly since meditation has the same relaxing effect on the body and the brain. Chanting and community prayer services, both of which exist in various forms around the world are two other ways in which human beings try to invoke the healing powers of prayer. While it is still unclear if prayer for another helps heal, it definitely can’t hurt. So pray while you keep the faith!

For those who are religious and strong in their faiths, prayer definitely heals. And if it doesn’t heal there faith, for some, their faith is strong enough to allow them handle any situation.

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