How to Stop Smoking Without Gaining Weight

Many people experience withdrawal symptoms when they quit smoking. These include headaches, irritability and cravings. However weight conscious people are afraid of quitting smoking for an altogether different reason and that is weight loss. The nicotine in cigarette increases our metabolism and keeps us slimmer by burning up the energy. People who quit smoking note an increase in weight in the first two weeks and start having second thoughts about their decision. However it is very much possible to stop smoking with no increase in your body weight if you do it the right way. Our step by step guide helps you with that.


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    Increase your metabolism the safe way:

    Why rely on nicotine (and risk lung cancer) when you can increase your metabolism using simple ways like exercise and jogging. A pack of cigarette a day burns 250 calories. Find ways which will help you burn the same number of calories without smoking

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    Think long term:

    Most people gain 5 pounds after quitting smoking within weeks. You have to realize that a point will come where your metabolism will even out and you will stop gaining weight altogether. When you compare the cons of cigarette with 5 pound weigh gain, you will know which one to go for. You might gain a bit of weight but you are also saving your lungs, your teeth, your fingernails and your skin

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    Eat healthy:

    Look for the source of the problem. The problem starts with your eating habits for which you need nicotine. When you start correcting yourself at the source and eat healthy foods, you will not need the nicotine to metabolize it. Your body's natural rate will be enough for you. Eat less sugar and saturated fat which are high on calories. Eat regular meals instead of snacks. Go hard on the water intake.

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    Stick to it:

    Stick to your determination of quitting smoking and opting for a healthy life. When you do that, the weight machine needle will adjust itself. Suppress the urge for smoking by chewing a sugar less gum. Sleep well and do not take stress so that you do not need any support from smoking. You can also ask help from support groups who will keep motivating you. It is a matter of the first week after which you will not feel the strong craving and your rate of metabolism will stabilize.