Home Security System: 5 Things to Look for When Choosing Home Security Company

Many people feel that a home security system helps protect their house and belongings – as well as their family – from possible harm by intruders. But how do you know the alarm company you’re choosing is the right one?

When you shop for a home security system, you should compare features and options available from various alarm companies. To find one that’s reputable, look for one that:

Has a long history: Some security companies have been around for decades, and they’re practically household names. Keep an eye open for signs and stickers in your neighborhood. You may keep seeing the same alarm company name on business and houses, which is a fairly good indicator that the company has a reputation to uphold in your town.

Offers a warranty: If possible, choose a home security company that offers a warranty on their products, service and installation. A one-year warranty is best since it gives you time to find out if the product is defective or unsuitable. You want to choose an alarm company that stands behind their products and installation, not one that simply installs an alarm with no guarantee.

Offers free relocation: Some home security companies will relocate your house alarm for free if you move in the future, as long as you’re continuing to pay for the remote monitoring. This means an installer will remove all the components from your current house, take them to your new house, and reinstall the system in your new home – all for no charge.

Offers 24-hour monitoring: If you live in a rural area – or just have neighbors that tend to ignore loud noises – remote monitoring of your system can give you additional peace of mind. With remote monitoring, a call center is alerted if your alarm is triggered. The call center then calls your home. If no one answers the phone – or if the person who answers the phone is unable to give the appropriate password you’ve chosen – the local authorities will be notified.

Has extra protection: Since you’re already installing a home security system, you might want to also add fire and carbon monoxide monitoring, too. The additional cost is minimal, and it’s another blanket of protection on your home. If the fire alarm should sound, the remote monitoring call center will notify the local fire department.

Although no home security company is perfect, you’re likely to work with a quality business if you find one that meets these five guidelines. Don’t forget to research the company through the Better Business Bureau, too, to ensure no major complaints have been filed against them. When it comes to you safety, it’s worth it to take the time to choose the best home security company.

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