Homemade Cleaning Tools

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like paying high prices for disposable items and ordinary cleaning tools. In addition, I don’t like waste, and I try to use what I have and items that might otherwise end up in the trash rather than buy overpriced cleaning tools and disposable supplies. In our throwaway society, recycling is encouraged, but how about saving yourself money by finding ways to reuse ordinary items? I don’t like to waste money either, and people don’t always think of alternative uses for disposable products. Instead, they purchase costly cleaning tools that really aren’t necessary.

The following are ordinary household items, some of them trash, and they can be easily turned into homemade cleaning tools. These homemade cleaning tools can save you a considerable amount of money, and they work just as good or better than expensive store-bought alternatives. Give these homemade cleaning tools a try next time you consider throwing away an item that could be reused. Chances are you’ll be surprised by how effective they are, and you’ll save money on cleaning tools you would have purchased from the store.

Try This Homemade Pretreated Dust Cloth

Pretreated ready-to-use dust cloths aren’t exactly cheap, and most are disposable and can only be used once or twice before requiring replacement. I like convenience as much as anyone, and if you like the handiness of pretreated dust cloths try this homemade version. You can make several at a time and store them until you’re ready to battle dust bunnies that try to take over your home.

To make pretreated dust cloths for cleaning wood surfaces you’ll need clean soft rags, 1 cup of warm water, Ã?¼ cup of lemon or orange oil, and a clean bucket. Although water and oil don’t mix, this combination makes an effective homemade pretreatment for rags. Simply dip clean rags in the water and citrus oil mixture. Ring them out, and hang them to dry before using. These homemade pretreated cleaning cloths for wood surfaces can be washed, treated, and reused again and again.

Homemade Scrubber for Delicate Surfaces

Surfaces that become easily scratched require special cleaning, and old nylon pantyhose provide just the right amount of abrasiveness for scrubbing and cleaning delicate surfaces that might otherwise become scratched and permanently damaged. Instead of throwing away old nylon pantyhose, wash them as usual, and transform them into homemade cleaning tools. Make a thin paste with baking soda and water and you’ll be able clean delicate surfaces gently and effectively. These homemade cleaning tools for delicate surfaces can be washed and reused many times before requiring replacement.

Potato Sack Scrubby

The sacks or bags that hold store-bought potatoes make wonderful scrubbers for pots and pans. Instead of throwing away your empty potato sacks, cut away the mesh material, fold it over, and use it for cleaning and scrubbing difficult surfaces that won’t become scratched or damaged by abrasive cleaners. Use your favorite cleanser with these homemade cleaning tools, or try a little baking soda and water. This is a good way to reuse material that would otherwise end up in the trash, and you’ll save money in the process.

Reuse That Old Denture Brush!

I don’t wear dentures, but I know that old denture brushes make fantastic cleaning tools. The sturdy bristles are by far better at cleaning dirty grout than ordinary soft-bristle toothbrushes. I use a denture brush for cleaning mineral build-up around the sink, tile grout, and to scrub away baked on grease on pans and grill racks. This cleaning tool isn’t exactly homemade, but it’s one of the most effective tools for cleaning difficult surfaces in and around the home.

Dryer Sheet Dust Cloths

I used to throw away about a half dozen dryer sheets a week, but not anymore. Used dryer sheets are great cleaning tools that can be used one last time before pitching into the trash. They’re great for cleaning the television screen, and they make wonderful disposable dust cloths that can be used on any surface you ordinarily dust.

Homemade Vent Cleaners

My former house had a cold air return near the floor, and this cold air return had metal slats that collected dirt and dust. It was impossible to clean – until I tried a barbeque skewer covered with a small section of scrub pad attached with a twist tie. I turned a couple of ordinary items into one of the best homemade cleaning tools ever, and I never would have found this in the store. Even a high-powered vacuum couldn’t clean away the dust, dirt, and grime that my homemade cleaning tool was able to clean.

Don’t Throw Away Single Socks!

No one has ever solved the mystery of the disappearing socks that supposedly go into the washer together and never come out as a pair, but a single sock without a mate is also one of the most effective cleaning tools you’ll find. An adult sock easily fits over the hand and is great for dusting and cleaning those hard to reach places. Even a baby sock can be used to clean the slats of blinds and tight corners.

Next time you’re ready to throw away ordinary items, stop and think of these homemade cleaning tools and how you can use them to make your home cleaner. Homemade cleaning tools can be simple items around the house that would otherwise end up in the trash, and they’re some of the best cleaning tools you’re likely to find – especially for the price!

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