Must-Have Tools for the Single Woman or College Student

Living single can be hard when things break, but there is no point in panicking. This is a survivors guide to tools for the single woman or college student. This is also a great guide on what to give your child when embarking out on their own for the first time.

A plunger – a must have for anyone. Plugged drains and toilets can be a bear.

A set of screwdrivers – great for tightening and removing just about anything. Be sure to get various sizes because sometimes you are stuck in a small area and long screwdrivers will not work.

Super glue – Who can really live without it? Super glue fixes almost everything.

Goo Gone – This handy little bottle is great for removing just about anything from stickers to crayons.

A broom with an end that twists off. This must have style broom is great because you can use it for expanding rollers when painting.

Duct Tape – Duct tape is the strongest tape used for just about everything. It’s strong because it has threads woven within itself.

Lid grip – A lid grip helps open those toughly sealed jars without the help of a man. You can get these just about anywhere. The cheapest place though is the Dollar Store.

Paper Clips – Paper clips are used for much more then just holding paper. You can bend one of these to pick a lock, or even push open your CD/DVD player when the CD or DVD gets stuck.

Rubber bands – Rubber bands just like paper clips, hold more then just paper. Rubber bands are a cheap way to keep chips, crackers, rice, ect sealed. They can also be used to hold things together while you super glue them.

White and Black model paint – Only 89 cents and can be used as touch up paint for all sorts of things.

Assorted Paint Brushes – Be sure when picking up paint brushes you also pick up artist paint brushes, those are the tiny ones you may have used as a child.

Scissors – Used for cutting not only paper, but hair, and even your lawn if you must.

Lighter, or a pack of matches or even utility lighter – Even if you don’t smoke this is a must have for anyone. You will need it for lighting candles, pilot lights, and gas stoves.

Sponges – To clean up anything and everything.

Toilet Brush – You got to keep it clean even if you hate the work.

Fire Extinguisher – Always best to be prepared.

Smoke alarms – Every home can use these, not just the single woman, but they are a must have for anyone.

All purpose bucket – Great for hand washing your car, moping the floor, or when you have a hangover to set beside the bed.

Extension cord – Great for the single woman when lamps or any other electrical equipment can’t reach your plug in the wall.

Extra light bulbs – So you will never be left in the dark.

Nightlight – Just in case areas are too dark in the house, or just to light the bathroom.

Flashlight – To light the way when the power goes out.

Extra fuses – For the fuse box.

Extra AA batteries – AA is the most common battery used on the market. Be sure to have a pack for when the power goes out.

Swiss Army Knife – This is great for the single woman because if you need a cork screw opener this knife has it.

Candles – In case the power goes out.

Drill (with backup charged battery) – because a woman’s strength isn’t as much man and this will help when hanging pictures.

Hammer – For pounding things of course lol.

All purpose packet of nails and screws – for just about anything you may need to fix, or hang.

Plastic Tack – Instead of putting nails in the wall.

Carbon Monoxide Detector – Just to be safe.

Pliers – Always great when you can’t get things opened.

Wrench – Good to have for plumbing.

Jumper Cables – You never know when you might need a jump to get your car started.

Emergency Road Side Kit – You never know when your car when break down.

Can Opener – even if its hand held.

Socket Set – Great for all kind of car repairs.

Scissor Sharper – Just to keep them sharp for easier usage.

Pencil Sharper and Pencils – So you have something to write with.

Tape Measurer – In case you don’t know the measurement of something like for curtains or blinds.

Electrical Tape – For wires that need to be secured.

Handyman Gloves – To keep your hands in good shape while doing whatever job needs done.

Charge adaptor – in case your cell phone is going out you can easily charge it.

Clothes Line Rope, and hooks – for hanging clothes of course, and the rope may come in handy for other things too along the way.

Curtain Hooks – You can never have enough of these, they just seem to keep disappearing.

Circuit Testers – This is a very handy safety tool to have.

With this list of must have tools for the single woman or college student, you will be set for just about any job that comes up.

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