Tips to Finding a Home Inspector

Finding the right home inspector is important in determining if the house is indeed your perfect home. A home inspector will help you avoid the headaches of discovering those unforeseen costly repairs. It can also help with negotiating terms to get things fixed so your house is truly perfect.

Usually, the real estate agents can recommend a home inspection service. While it is not necessary to use the agent’s recommendations, they can lead you in the right direction to finding one. The agent can give you access to former customers who have used their service. From that you can determine if the home inspector is right for you.

A legitimate home inspector is licensed by each state. While a license may not guarantee a good home inspector, it is the first step to locating one. Checking for a state license is a preventive step from getting scammed. In the long run, it may cost you more because the inspection may be cursory. Sometimes problems are hidden from the naked eye.

Price is a big factor to look at when searching for a home inspector. It pays to compare prices. The cost of a home inspection is an out of pocket expense when buying your home. Fees are required at the time the inspection is conducted. It is not included in the closing costs.

Checking references for a home inspector is important because this is a job. In essence, the home inspector is working for you. It is up to him or her to tell you if there are potential problems lurking in your new home. You want all the problems disclosed and a cost estimate for each little problem that crops up.

The type of report the home inspector provides is another factor. The report that is offered should be easy to read with a detailed explanation of all problems. Recommendations of what needs to be fixed before move-in date is important as well. A complete report is a powerful tool in getting the best price for your money. It is also easy to reference to ensure all repairs are completed before that all important last walk-through.

Some home inspection tips to finding the right home inspector is to start with your real estate agent, check the license, compare prices, check references, and determine what report is provided. Following this tips can help you get the right home inspector at the right price. So that new house does not become a potential money pit.

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