Homemade Cure for Hangovers

Some people love to drink and sometimes too much of it can cause them to have a hangover when they wake up. Too much alcohol depletes the body of necessary substances required to stay healthy, these include blood sugar, vitamins and minerals. It is not fun because the person can have headaches, migraines, or even throw up. Yet, millions wake up with one everyday.

Even when drinkers know their own tolerances and limits, hangovers seem to strike with a great deal of inconsistency. Getting drunk is, for better or worse, the poisoning of your body. Alcohol enters your bloodstream at a rapid rate, smothering the frontal lobe of your brain, which releases its control of your judgment and social inhibitions. All symptoms of hangovers stem from your body’s attempts to process alcohol and rid your system of it. What causes hangovers is dehydration.

Here’s how to reduce hangovers:

*Having a full stomach when you are drinking helps to slow down the effects of alcohol and reduce the severity of a hangover. Never drink on an empty stomach.

*Drinking water in between drinking this way prevents you from drinking more alcohol.

*Mixing drinks can be what causes them hangovers try not to mix them up.

Some cures that can help you with your hangover are:

*Sleep it off really even if it is for a few minutes or a few hours.

*Exercise will help you sweat the alcohol out of your system.

*Eating can help you feel much better.

*Take 2 ibuprofen.

*Eat something with sugar like a cookie or brownie.

Whenever there is a serious injury or illness related to alcohol consumption. In the absence of injury or illness, some individuals may need medical attention for intoxication at blood alcohol levels beginning at approximately 0.15%. Drinking have consequences like everything else. You can get sick, cause damage to your body, if driving can lose your license, and can make a person violent. Becareful if this is you.

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