The Best Treatment for 100’s of Medical Conditions

Aloe Vera has been used since time in memorial. Scientific studies have showed it to be Bactericidal, Antibiotic, and Virucidal. Meaning, it destroys bacteria, viruses and stave’s off infections. What a wonder plant. Aloe Vera will penetrate tissue, act as an anti inflammatory, and help ease itching. Aloe is accredited to help so many conditions it is not within the scope of this paper to mention them all. Typically used as a topical ointment; but, occasionally ingested.

Now, I’m not a doctor; but, I swear by the stuff. I’m not speaking of the creams, makeup, lotions, and ointments being sold. I mean the plant itself, just cut a leaf, peel the tough skin, and ooze the juice right where you need it. The benefit is short lived, so apply frequently. I was told once that the true beneficial aspects of Aloe Vera rapidly deplete once exposed to the air. Therefore, if processed into lotions and creams there is little to no medicinal benefit. So, I’ve always used the natural plant itself. I have a few stories and examples of Aloes healing power to share with you.

When my children were young we kept several Aloe plants in our yard. They were at the age where everyday they cut something, developed a rash, burnt themselves, or got to much sun. Also, they wouldn’t let you near them with Rubbing Alcohol, Hydrogen Peroxide or Iodine. However, they loved the Aloe treatment. In fact, I’m fairly sure they invented some conditions so we would cut a leaf and squeeze on the gooey sap. It’s cooling, soothing, and fun to do. Also, the special attention from Mom and Dad didn’t hurt.

I can honestly say that my children never got an infection from a cut that was treated with Aloe. We used it religiously and swear they even healed faster using it, with no infections and reduced scaring. Always slather Aloe on any sun burn, it helps! The worst injury I used it on was my oldest daughter. She received a bad 2nd degree burn on her calf from a motorcycle muffler. We were sure it would scar badly. Several times a day I would completely cover the burn with Aloe. I continued this treatment for a week and it was well healed. After the redness dissipated you couldn’t even tell where the burn was. I had a similar burn when I was young and the scar is visible to this day.

What A Plant! Now this story is relayed to me from my neighbors childhood. In the early 1900’s his father lived along the Texas-Mexico border when he developed a bad ulcer. The doctor told him to avoid spicy foods, drink milk, and don’t get upset.
Some elders in the community suggested a different treatment. They suggested that he eat a couple tablespoons of aloe sap 3 times per day on an empty stomach. He decided to try it. My neighbor could not remember how long it took :but, soon after he started this treatment, even the doctor agreed the ulcer was gone. I was told this story a few years before the medical community announced they discovered that ulcers were caused by a bacteria in the stomach. Wow! it all makes sense now.

I have used Aloe all my life on a multitude of injuries. I used in on my children, my children use it, and they use it on their children. I’ve heard some amazing claims about aloe Vera and you know what, I believe! Remember, don’t waste you time and money on lotions and ointments. Use the plant, it’s the real deal!

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