Homemade Halloween Cauldron Prop for Spooky Decoration

Halloween is meant to be a truly bewitching time of year. Thousands of people pull out props and customs and ready themselves and their home for witchcraft and the spirit of the all-mighty halloween night. There is often one little kink in the prop plan; they are extremely expensive. Take a fogging cauldron for example, can run into prices around the hundreds. Now that’s all fine and good for a device one would be using on a daily basis, however for something that is used only a few nights out of a year, well it’s kind of ridiculous, especially when one can be made just as easily.

You will first need to get the supplies to create the cauldron. There are two extremely important ingredients, first the cauldron. You can usually find a plastic one in just about any Halloween store or even major department stores around that time of year. They normally run under $5. It might not look fabulous but it’ll do. The second most important ingredient is the fog machine. A mini fog machine can easily be placed in the machine to create the vapors necessary to make the entire cauldron bubble over. Some people like fog machines with added lights and those can easily be found again. You can cut a whole in the side of the cauldron that one be seen for any wiring you are dealing with very easily.

You will also need black glossy spray paint, fog juice and packages of cobwebs to finish off the entire look. I suggest spray paint as it gives the entire cauldron a much better look. Plain black plastic makes things look pretty cheap but a nice coat of glossy paint will really make the piece pop.

Once you have your materials all together it’s time to construct. First spray the cauldron with the spray paint and let it dry completely. Cut a hole in the back for the wiring, if applicable and set the mini-fog machine into the cauldron. All you need to do now is add the finishing touches of some cobwebs. Glow in the dark or colored work great, in my opinion. Look for colored cob webs at a local Halloween shop.

Turn on the cauldron and watch it bubble over, viola a homemade cauldron.

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