Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas for Your Kids

If you’re tired of seeing the same old store bought Halloween costumes over and over again, it’s time to consider making a unique costume for your child so they can be the hit of the party. Allowing your kids to help with making the costume of their choice can be a fun and new experience for them.

Here are some costumes that you can make at home that will cost little while allowing you and your child to show your creative sides:

A scarecrow is one of the more simple costumes that you can make at home. To make a scarecrow costume you will need an oversized flannel shirt, some straw, and jeans with patches on them. Put the pants and shirt on and stuff them with plastic bags full of hay. Make sure some of the hay sticks out and complete your costume by applying some makeup.

One costume, which never goes out of style, is the ghost. Find an old white bed sheet and cut out holes for eyes and a mouth. Then, make a trick or treat bag out of extra material to complete the look. If you want to be more creative, paint on some lips with lipstick and draw fake eyelashes. Or if a manly ghost is more your style, add a beard and mustache. Colorful ghosts are another alternative. Accomplish this look by using a brightly colored sheet and completing the previously mentioned steps.

A clown is another very simple and inexpensive costume you can make at home. Find some baggy sweat clothes and decorate them colorfully with markers. Top the outfit off with an inexpensive brightly colored wig, a hat, and clown makeup.

Dress your child as a nerd, complete with button up shirt, pocket protectors, pants that are too short, thick rimmed glasses, white socks, and dress shoes. Add white tape to the middle of the glasses for the authentic nerd look. Instead of a typical trick or treat bag, have your child collect candy and treats in a backpack.


Don’t buy a hippy costume from the store when you can make one at home. All you’ll need for this costume is a tie-dye shirt, an old pair of bell-bottom jeans, a ponytail wig, a headband, and a vest. Put the out fit on your child and they’re sure to look like they arrived straight from the seventies.

Another Halloween classic is the mummy costume. For this outfit, find an old bet sheet and a sweat suit. Cut the bed sheet into strips and dip them in tea for an aged look. Then attach the strips to the sweat suit with glue. Buy a white ski mask to cover the face and the costume is complete.

For a scarier costume, try this zombie idea. Find old jeans and a t-shirt and purchase fake blood and fake skin. Next, cut and tear the jeans and shirt for a more authentic look, then add some fake blood to both items. Finally, add blood to the face and mess up the child’s hair to complete the zombie look. Don’t forget to make the famous zombie grunts when roaming the streets trick-or-treating.

By using these costume ideas you can not only save money, but show your creative side as well. Making a costume together with your child is a priceless memory you will cherish forever.

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