Homemade Toddler Halloween Costume Ideas

Taking your toddler trick-or-treating on Halloween may be more fun for the parents than the toddler! Moms and Dads relish in neighbors stooping down to offer their adorable toddlers sweet Halloween treats and gushing over their adorable costume. Perhaps you have dreamed about creating a homemade Halloween costume for your toddler. But maybe you feel like you don’t have the time, money, or creative talent to whip up a charming home made Halloween costume for your little one.

A homemade Halloween costume for your toddler doesn’t have to be expensive, time consuming, or complicated. You can create a toddler costume using many items that you probably have on hand already. And you don’t have to be an expert tailor or seamstress. For many Halloween costumes you won’t even need to thread a needle!

Where Do I Start?

To come up with a Halloween costume idea, think about what your toddler is interested in. Favorite movies are always good costume fodder, as are cartoon characters, toys, even storybook characters. If your toddler is too little to show an interest in choosing a Halloween costume, you can choose from one of the following costume ideas.

Cute Critters

Animals, bugs, and other charming critter costumes may be the simplest to make, and they always look adorable! Using a hot glue gun, affix a cluster of cotton balls to the backside of a pair of pink, gray, or white footie pajamas. Staple a matching pair of long ears cut from construction paper to a head band, sweat band or hat. Dip into your makeup bag and use black eyeliner to draw on whiskers, round cheeks, and two little buck teeth. Your lipstick or blush can be dabbed on for a pink bunny nose. With just slight alteration, this costume can become a kitty, puppy dog, mouse, or other cute Halloween creature. Tails can be constructed from a snipped off nylon stocking stuffed with paper; snip ears from colorful construction paper; spots and stripes can be added with glued-on felt pieces.

Creepy crawlies are cute, too. To create a charming Halloween ladybug costume for your toddler, begin with a black sweat suit, or a black turtleneck and matching tights or leggings. Find or make a bright red vest that fits your toddler and glue, sew, or even staple on a few big black felt of paper circles. Bend a couple black pipe cleaners and attach these “antennas” to a head band, hat, or hood. Your toddler can become a spooky Halloween spider when you stuff two pairs of black stockings or tights with newspaper or fabric scraps and safety pin them onto the back of a black sweat suit. String the legs with fishing line and attach to the arms and all of the legs will move in sync.

Look Into the Future

Do you envision the initials M.D. following your toddler’s name one day? Borrow one of Dad’s old button-up white shirts. Use a black marker to inscribe your little doctor’s name on one side of the chest and draw a red cross on the other. Equipped with a toy stethoscope, you’ll have the sweetest doc on the block. Is your toddler a prima ballerina in the making? Find a pink leotard and white or pink tights. Make a tutu by stapling or sewing tulle, netting, or organza to a fabric belt or the elastic waistband cut from a no-longer needed skirt or pair of pants. Draw slippers with a pink marker onto white ankle socks.

Box Them In

You know that your toddler is the greatest gift you’ve ever received! Make that apparent this Halloween. Cut the bottom out of a large box. Then slice a hole in the top for your toddler’s head and one on each side big enough for her arms to fit through comfortably. Wrap the box in sparkly gift wrap and place a big bow in her hair. Or for a less-girly costume, paint each side of the box a different, vibrant color. Attach a bent pipe cleaner with a pom pom glued to the end to one side for a crank. Dab a little red lipstick on your toddler’s nose and cheeks and top with a bright beanie. Now you’ve got a delightful Jack-in-the-box costume.

Balloon Art

Some other ultra-easy yet cute toddler Halloween costume ideas incorporate balloons. Pin purple or green balloons to a matching sweat suit to make a delightful bunch of grapes. Attach three green balloons down the front of a green outfit for a sweet little peapod. Cut arm and leg holes in a clear plastic bag and fill it with colorful balloons, know what I mean, jellybean? Tie the bag loosely with a bright scarf.

Just the Basics

Now that you have some toddler Halloween costume ideas, tap into your own creativity. Consider what you and your toddler would enjoy, as well as what materials you have on hand. Some essential costume starters include “footie” pajamas, sweat suits, or turtlenecks paired with stretch pants. Socks or mittens can easily become paws, and hats and headbands can be transformed into ears or antennae. Mom’s makeup can be used to apply whiskers, freckles, or rosy cheeks. Double-sided tape, a stapler and/or a glue gun will come in handy.

Always Play it Safe

The ideas for toddler Halloween costumes are limitless. You don’t have to break the bank or stay up all night sewing to create a memorable Halloween costume for your toddler. All you need use is your imagination and your common sense. Makeup is safer than masks, as masks can obstruct vision. If your child’s costume is dark, attach some glow-in-the-dark strips or reflective tape for added safety at night. Remember to watch small children closely around plastic bags and balloons due to choking hazards. And most of all have a fun, safe, memorable night and take lots of pictures. And, Dads? Don’t eat too much candy!

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