Homeschooling with Music

Homeschooling with music is a great way for kids to learn. Many kids learn songs they hear on the radio quicker than we do. My kids can learn songs that they hear on the radio in no time. But yet they were having a time learning history and
science. My husband and I were discussing squeezing music in to our lesson plans. So I begin searching Google for Homeschooling with Music. I found some websites that I really enjoyed and would like to pass on to other homeschooling

The first website I found was Schoolhouse Rock. Schoolhouse Rock is a DVD with educational songs on it. The Schoolhouse Rock has Grammar Rock, America Rock, Science Rock, Multiplication Rock, Money Rock, and Computer Songs. Here are a few songs from each category.

Grammar Rock

  • Conjunction Junction
  • Interjections!
  • Lolly, Lolly, Lolly, Get Your Adverbs Here
  • A Noun is a Person, Place, or Thing

America Rock

  • Fireworks (Declaration of Independence)
  • The Great Melting Pot (American Immigration)
  • I’m Just a Bill (Law Making Process)
  • The Shot Heard Round the World (American Revolution)

Science Rock

  • Body Machine (Body Needs)
  • Do the Circulation (Circulatory System)
  • Electricity (Uses of Power and Electricity)

Multiplication Rock

  • Three is a Magic Number
  • The Four-Legged Zoo
  • Ready or Not, Here I Come (Five)

Money Rock

  • Dollars and Sense
  • Making $7.50 Once a Week
  • Tax Man Max

Computer Songs

  • Hardware
  • Software

The Schoolhouse Rock DVD is well worth buying. My kids really enjoy it and it will definitely be part of our homeschooling this year. Visit Schoolhouse Rock

The next website I found was Songs For Teaching. This site is packed full of educational songs, lyrics, and books. I spent hours on this site just looking around. Songs For Teaching has Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Writing,
Literature, Kindergarten, and many, many more songs, lyrics, and books. If you are looking to homeschool your child or
children with the help of music then this is the only place you will need to go. You can create your entire lesson plan
with this site. They also have chants and raps, sheet music, and teaching tips. The subjects are for beginners and
advanced learners. So you can’t go wrong with this site and everything is layed out neatly. Navigation around the site is
easy. Visit Songs For Teaching.

If you would like to homeschool with music then these two sites are a must. When the thought first crossed my mind
about adding music to my lesson plans, I thought how in the world am I going to make these songs up. Then I found these two sites and that stress was gone in a matter of seconds. I hope you enjoy these two sites and find them as useful as I have.

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