Difference Between Red Dot and Holographic Sight

The dividing line between red dot and holographic sights is significantly thin considering the fact that both are sighting mechanisms for weapons. However, upon close inspection, you would be able to identify the differences between a red dot sight and a holographic sight.

In case of a red dot sight, the LED which produces the reticle is low powered whereas in a holographic sight, the reticle producing LED uses a considerable amount of power. This results into the battery of a holographic sight being drained much more quickly than the battery of a red dot sight.

A holographic sight is very close to being a hundred percent immune to parallax distortion, whereas the same is not true for a red dot sight. Parallax distortion does occur in red dot sights and its level greatly increases when the target is at a large distance from the shooter.

Another difference between red dot and holographic sights is that holographic sights are more complex that their red dot counterparts. This results in a holographic sight being bulkier than a red dot sight. Moreover, temperature is also a differentiating factor. Red dot sights are less affected by extreme temperature changes than holographic sights. For this reason, it would be better to choose a red dot sight if the area in which you are planning to practice shooting is too cold or too hot.

Dust and weather may affect the accuracy of a red dot sight but these natural elements have absolutely no effect on a holographic sight.


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    Red Dot Sight:

    In simple words, a red dot sight can be described as a non-magnifying reflector sight used to aim at a certain target with precision level which can not be achieved when aiming with bare eyes. Considering the fact that a red dot eyes does not magnifying the target, a shooter should have no focus issues when aiming at a certain target through a red dot sight.

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    Holographic Sight:

    Holographic sight, more formally known as holographic weapon sight or holographic diffraction sight is a gun sight which simply creates a reticle image of a target on a glass optical window so that it becomes easier for the shooter to accurately aim at the target. Holographic sights do not magnify the target in any way.

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