Homework Lesson: Teaching Kids States and Capitals

Recently my daughter came home from school with a list of states and capitals she had to memorize for an upcoming test, which may have been an easier task for a child who does not suffer short term memory issues due to epilepsy, chiari malformation and the medications taken for those.

These simple and easy tips will help your child learn the states and capitals with a lot more ease by removing any frustrations.

Learn through song:

Musical Studio offers a faster pace states and capitals song that may be a bit harder to understand by some children, but I am including it as it may have a beat to it that is more fitting for your child.

Learn by Lyrics offers a cute rap for learning States and Capitals.

Guru Parents brings a more mono tone song that maybe easier to understand due to its slower pace, but does not have a true “song” like melody.

One of the best songs that helped my daughter was one that had a melody she already knew, and was the perfect pace. Animaniacs cartoon offers Yakko’s 50 State and Capitols song with Lyrics.

Learn through games:

Kids Geo has a great interactive map, where the selection of state is automatic and you are given four choices to choose the capital from.

Learning Games for Kids offers a great match game, this helps kids do the ones they know first and start learning the ones they don’t. Simply click the state then click on the capital.

Vector Kids offers a clickable map where your child can simply click on a state and a multiple choice of three capitals are displayed for your child to select the correct capital.

A slightly harder map is offered by Lizard Point. Your children are given a capital and then have to click the correct state on the interactive map.

Learn through practice sheets:

Worksheet Works offers a free printable quiz that you can customize by choosing either to give the states or the capitals as matching. You can also choose if you want them alphabetical or scrambled.

Easy Note Cards offers already designed and set up flash cards that you simply just need to print, cut out, fold and either glue or tape.

Clarks Scripts offer tons of US state capitals printable worksheets that will help your child study and memorize the states and capitals easier.

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