Honda Versus Kawasaki JetSkis

Summer is a time of enjoyment in various water recreational sports. For many, frequenting area lakes is a first choice in family entertainment. For added enjoyment, the purchase of a personal watercraft can provide many years of fun, excitement and leisure for the entire family.

Kawasaki has developed an innovative Jet Ski products. With the Kawasaki Jet Ski STX-15F, fun, adventure and independence are only a few water waves away. Originally designed in 2005, the Kawasaki STX-15F Jet Ski is highly aggressive personal water craft offering three passenger seating. Power and performance are key in this 3-Start Ultra Low Emissions, sit down, jet ski model. Provided as a fuel injected personal watercraft vehicle, the Kawasaki STX-15F Jet Ski includes a four stroke engine and is available in two colors options: white with lime green accent and red with silver accent.

Kawasaki STX-15F Jet Skis come standard with a 12 month factory unlimited warranty with an optional four year extension under the Good Times Protection Plan. Under this extended protection plan, the consumer is offered warranties against defects in workmanship and materials, in additional 12 month increment options, with no deductible or out of pocket to the consumer. Accessories range from covers, anchors, bumpers and lanyards.

In comparison to the Kawasaki STX-15F Jet Ski, Honda has also developed an innovative jet ski model in the Honda AquaTraz F-12X. Also highly adventurous and aggressive, this Honda Jet Ski is turbo charged with the same three passenger seating, 3-Star Ultra Low emissions rating and is also available as a sit down model. The Honda AquaTraz F-12X is fuel injected, available as a four cylinder, four stroke engine and is equipped with a keyless ignition.

Color choices for the Honda AquaTrax F-12X include silver, white and black or red, white and black. As with Kawasaki, the Honda AquaTrax12X offers a 12 month unlimited factory warranty.

No matter what the choice in jet ski brands, when shopping for the premier choice in personal watercraft, every consumer should consider not only price but options and integrity including such areas as emissions control, fuel injection, stroke options, warranty and repair as well as accessories and color options.

For summer fun, jet skis offer continuous enjoyment on area lakes and offer freedom for up to three passengers to coast or speed through the cool lake waters. Whether purchasing jet skis or personal water craft, consider Kawasaki and Honda as your premier quality manufacturers providing innovation with design, power and performance.

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