Honesty is Always the Best Policy

Every now and then you’ll hear someone say that honesty is the best policy. This is a very true statement. Here, let me show you why…

An honest person is a person who chooses to speak the truth. They do not make up stories when they are caught in the wrong. They know that making up stories will just make things worse. An honest person is an honest friend. They do not lie to their friends to make themselves look good, or to make their friends feel bad. A true friend would never lie to their friend because they value friendship and the bond of trust that friendship is based upon. An honest person does not lie to their spouse. They do not sneak around or cheat.

When one person figures out that their friend or spouse has lied to them they feel hurt. They feel like they have been deceived, because they have been. What happens then? What happens next? The person loses trust for the betrayer. The relationship suffers. The person begins to doubt what their friend or spouse says to them because they fear that they will be lied to again.

Most times, a person who lies to you will lie again. Lying is a bad habit. Once a person has been lied to more than once by the same person their tolerance fades quickly. It does not feel good to be lied to. No one wants to be lied to. How many relationships have ended, friendships or marriages, because someone has lied one too many times?

The point to this article is that if you want to keep the respect that people have for you, if you want to keep the bonds of trust that bind friends and lovers together, honesty is the best policy. Without honesty in your relationships your relationships will suffer and deteriorate. When you lie to those you love and care for you will lose them. People don’t deserve to be lied to. Noone wants to be lied to. Honesty always…

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