Horrible Poll News for Barack Obama And, Especially, Hillary Clinton in Colorado

COMMENTARY | Hot Air notes a new Quinnipiac Poll that should keep both President Barack Obama and the woman who would replace him, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, awake at nights. It is a brutal one for both Democrats.

For Obama the bad news is that only 36 percent of Coloradans approve of the job he is doing and 59 percent disapprove. For Hillary Clinton the really bad news is that she trails Chris Christie, Rand Paul, and Paul Ryan in a presidential matchup and is tied with tea party favorite Ted Cruz.

The fact that both Obama and Clinton are getting appalling numbers in Colorado, which is hardly a red state (it went for Obama twice) is once again proof of what a turning world this is, partly as a result of the Obamacare meltdown. It points to bad news for the Democrats in 2014 and even worse news in 2016.

Clinton’s rationale for being president, aside from the fact that it is his birthright, has always been a little unclear. She was a mediocre senator and, because of Benghazi, a disastrous secretary of state. But before those disasters, Clinton was the First Lady who, during President Clinton’s first year, had been placed in charge of health care reform.

The Clinton era version of health care reform was far superior to the Obama version insofar that it was never enacted and led, in part, to the Gingrich revolution that saw a Republic takeover of Congress in over a generation. But Hillarycare, as it was called, had all the bad features that a government takeover of health care entails.

There is the crux of Ms. Clinton’s problem as illustrated by the Colorado polls. The only way he candidacy can now make sense is if she were to separate herself from President Obama, presenting herself as a Clinton era restoration, when relative peace and prosperity reigned supreme. But that falls down when one sees that there was not a lot of daylight between Hillarycare and Obamacare, Hence, she is being pummeled by Republican candidates in purple state Colorado.

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