Household Items to Use as Air Fresheners

Instead of spending money on air fresheners in stores that last a quick minute there are a number of household items you can use to freshen up the air for a longer period of time. You can purchase Arm & Hammer air fresheners in the store or you can make your own freshener with Arm & Hammer Baking Soda. Using a spray bottle, add two teaspoons of the baking soda to two cups of water, shake well, and spray the air. You can also put an opened box of Arm & Hammer Baking Soda in a closed area, like a closet, to freshen the air. You can also use a spray bottle and pour a tablespoon of Downy liquid fabric softener filled with water. Again, shake well and spray in the air to freshen the air in the house.

I love the smell of bounce and that pleasant smell can help freshen the air throughout your house. Put a bounce sheet on the front of a fan or an air conditioning vent to blow out the nice smell. You can also put the sheets under sofas, in drawers, in the closet, and under the carpets to freshen the air in your house. You’ve seen the car freshener pine trees hanging from cars, now you can use them to hang around your house to freshen the air. Hang the pine trees on the window blinds or parts of a ceiling fan this will work well if you need to freshen up your house quickly, as the smell from these hanging pine trees don’t last long.

Did you just cook fish or greens? Well, you know the smell of those foods can really cause a stink in your house. To get rid of these smelly odors place a small bowl of Heinz White Vinegar in the room to clear up the odors. To remove those dirty sock odors in laundry hampers, place a clean coffee can filled with charcoal briquettes in the closet or hamper to freshen the air. Not only can an empty coffee can be useful to eliminate bad odors, but also a bowl of fresh ground Maxwell House coffee can be used as a room freshener.

Vanilla extract is a very popular smell but instead of purchasing the fragrance you can make your own by applying McCormick Vanilla Extract to a cotton ball, fully saturating it, and placing it in your vacuum cleaner bag to freshen up the air with the sweet smell of vanilla extract. Mennen Speed Stick deodorant can be used to do more than freshen up the underarms. Place the deodorant, without the lid, in any closed area that may have odors such as, a closet, in between a couch, or a drawer to help freshen the air. Here is a combination that will surely knock out those smelly odors and freshen the air. Mix one quart of Nestea according to the directions on the label and add four tablespoons of Realemon juice. Strain the mixture through a coffee filter and pour into an empty spray bottle, spray anywhere and as often as you like.

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