Protect Your Housing Against Intrusions

To protect your housing against intrusions has become a very important need nowadays, for the people we like as well as for the goods we have.

Burglaries are rather numerous, especially for the holiday period during summer when everybody is usually off on vacation, and we hate that malevolent people penetrate into our dear homes.

The solution is thus obvious: to install an alarm. There are several kinds but all function on the same principle. Traditional steps taken from a warning system are:

Detection: The movement or opening detector sends a signal to the power station of the alarm. The manufacturers of alarms propose specific detectors. The detector of movement for pets which takes into account the low size and the heat emitted by your dog or preferred cat. The detector of cut EDF alerts you in the event of power cut on your premise: very useful if you have the freezer full of food. These days there are even detectors that detect the presence of a body in the swimming pool which alerts you in the event of a fallen body in water. Some other detectors can be useful like the detectors of broken windows, fire detectors and smoke, detectors in case of a flood.

Data processing: The power station receives the signals of the detectors and the orders. It analyzes them and transmits information to the siren. If the system has a telephone transmitter, it will start the process of classification. The power station of an alarm often has the siren in its body. The power station can perhaps also be ordered by an action of your share, for the startup with a keyboard or a remote control, or for stopping before returning on your premise.

Dissuasion: the siren emits a sound which dissuades the intruder. The warning system can have several sirens, for example inside and outside housing.

Certain sirens are equipped with a flash flickering which makes it possible to visualize the place of the alarm.

The installers of warning systems often propose in complement of their other services, a contract of monitoring in the form of a yearly subscription. This means that the alert is transmitted straight to their headquarters and they will send a person on the spot to investigate the situation.

Finally know that you can install a system of remote monitoring with a webcam connected to your computer. Specialized companies will propose to install a system of remote monitoring on your premise. But that remains rather expensive.

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