Household Smells and Such What Works to Rid It

Cat urine

They say citrus works and vinegar alone or together
Lemon juices and vinegar in a spray bottle spray soak and blot up.
on rugs , floors and litter boxes.


Teaspoon of baking soda Dry put in mouth and chase with a glass of water
works really fast, instantly, taste lip yuck but does the job well.

Painting with enamel

A bowl of baking vanilla set in the room where you are painting
takes the paint smell away, works well if using varnish, also works well to take away onion smell
or put a dad on a light bulb while cooking.

Onion smell

Got the smell of onion on your fingers do a little wash with white vinegar
takes the smell right off.

Bad headache

Drink a tablespoon of vinegar is yucky but works

broken light bulb

Have a broken light bulb in the lamp or socket afraid of getting cut?
cut a potato in half stick it on the bulb and turn, make sure electricity is off and you will get it right out.

Wallpaper off

Having problems getting that old wall paper off ?
Take a spray bottle fill it half full of water and the rest with liquid fabric softener , spray on wallpaper, wait a few minutes
and it will peel right off with a knife like a putty knife.
wow was I happy about this one.

well thats it for now hope it helped some of you
thank you for viewing again

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