Houseplants in the RV

Today, many people, after retiring, are selling their homes and buying a RV or recreational vehicle, then setting off to see the nation. The size and type of RV depends on the needs and wants of the person in question. Fulltimers are the people who do decide on this type of life. When getting things together to fulltime, making decisions is important and sometime difficult, especially when creating a home in the RV. Houseplants in the RV can sometimes help make this transition easier because they can help make the RV homier, especially if they were present in the fulltimers previous home.

Houseplants in the RV can be a positive experience, especially with a little planning. The biggest problem with houseplants in the RV will be when the RV is in motion. Traveling with a houseplant can be a bad experience if the proper planning is not done. This includes the location of the plant during transit. The best place to put a plant when getting ready for travel is in the bathtub or the sink, depending on the size of the houseplant. Not only are they more secure when sitting in the bathtub, but the cleaning job will be easier if they happen to turn over and spill.

Although setting the houseplants in the bathtub can be done relatively easy and most bathtubs will easily hold quite a few plants, one other precaution can be taken to make traveling or at least the cleanup even easier. Simply take a trash bag, size will depend on size of the pot in which the plant is in, and cover the pot and soil up to the stem of the plant. Tie the trash bag in place. Now the soil is contained should the plant fall over.

Just about any houseplant will tolerate living in a RV. Several fulltimers nowadays are traveling with their favorite Geraniums, Orchids, Christmas Cactus, Ferns and many more. There are several places inside the RV to place the plants when the RV comes to a halt, either for the night or for a longer duration. In motorhomes, place plants cockpit of the RV using a table that covers the steering wheel. Other locations throughout the RV will depend on the way the design of the particular RV. Of course, another location that most plants like will be outside under the awning, as long as the weather will permit it.

There are benefits to having houseplants in the RV. These include making the RV homier, this can be important, especially if the RV is now the home. Another benefit is that they add moisture to the air; this is especially beneficial in the winter, when heaters tend to dry out the air.

Other than the problems, that being in transit can pose, such as the plant turning over and spilling soil everywhere, another problem can arise when crossing state lines. Some states have laws governing the transport of houseplants across state lines. California and Arizona are both examples of such states. For more information regarding the state laws, visit

Houseplants in the RV are very possible, even with the RV moving. All the fulltimer has to do is get them ready for transport. After the travel is over, for the day or the duration, the plants will need the same care that that would were they in a house somewhere. There is no reason fulltimers cannot enjoy houseplants in the RV.

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