Willie Nelson: One Course, One Legendary Star?

SPICEWOOD (TX) – It may have a name that sounds like some innocent little town, with a handful of quiet golfers, tourists and (lake) boaters. The fact is: There are several unusual upsides to living in or visiting little Spicewood, Texas. Not only are you in a state that “God Blessed,” but ya’ll just might see ol’ Willie Nelson himself. That is, if your lucky enough to get a chance to go play a naughty nine on Willie’s Nelson’s Pedernales “Cut-N-Putt ” golf course in Spicewood. Only an hour drive (8 songs as they say) from Austin; Spicewood is home to this challenging 9 hole course, with way more in-store for you than a couple of sand traps!

This Golf course comes complete with gas powered “Harley Davidson” golf carts, several huge events and an old truck to sign! What a truck to sign? That’s right, I spent some serious time reading the famous names on that old truck…amazingly, I didn’t even sign it myself! I figured only country music artists such as Garth Brooks, Martina McBride and Clint Black would have signed the old truck, boy, was I wrong. I think I even seen Jerry Garcia and Edward Van Halen on it! Anyhow, Pro- Shop Manager “Wild ” Whitney” said, “To sign Willie’s truck.” A person would first need to “smoke pot” with the country music legend. I don’t know about that, it didn’t seem to me as though anyone was really paying much attention as to who was wandering about the grounds , the pro-shop or attempting to sign the truck. I think anyone could probably have signed it. One thing for certain was grabbing everyone’s attention, including mine, that was all the tour busses rolling in, with all their glory and fame written, printed and airbrushed on them. Meanwhile nearby, a handful of gentlemen (Poodie, Willie’s stage manager and friends) usually sitting at the pro-shop bench, demand everyone’s attention also. As you listen carefully to the men, you may over hear them utter such things as, “Just, who’s tour bus might that be? Are they here to record? Who the hell let that Reba lady in, again?”

Oh, I forgot to mention that the on-site recording studio was quite an elaborate addition to the golf course. Whitney said, “It costs thousands of dollars per hour to record here.” I’ll take his word for it! I was fortunate enough, however, to get an exclusive tour of the studio office and… I must say, impressive! Throughout the studio office, there is such an extensive array of artifacts from Native American tribes and old western era relics, I wondered if this was really a place that rowdy bands should be swimming up a whiskey river! After my brief, yet very exciting tour of the studio and subsequent chatting with Willie, I now have even more respect for the man. Very few men have captured my full attention and imagination as he did. With great knowledge of so many things and an unparalelled abiliy to go “on the raod again” in a heartbeats notice. He has seen it all, well, maybe not “all,” but pretty darn close!

As Wild Whitney says to famous guests of the studio, golf course and Pro-Shop, “You might be famous, but my boss Willie, well, he’s a Legend.” Hey Garth, If your reading this, don’t take it personal, we all know you’ll be back! If you need a good reason, well here it is… Yup, I heard the Deja Vu Showgirls were coming to this little town! Where’s my camera? A visit from these stars, may become legendary itself!

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