How Caffeine is Harmful

People are so busy throughout the week due to work and other activities. We often don’t think much of picking up a few cups of coffee or other beverages just to help us get through the busy day. Caffeine is a drug that we find in tea and soda drinks along with other beverages that people drink day to day. Coffee contains a large amount of caffeine. Caffeine is also found in chocolate that almost everyone loves. There is also caffeine in some medications.. Make sure to be careful when taking any caffeine pills. Make sure to ask your doctor about caffeine if you are taking any type of medicine since caffeine can cause problems when taking certain types of medication.

What exactly does caffeine do?

Caffeine enables us to be more energized. Caffeine only helps us have energy for a short amount of time. The main important thing that caffeine does is to help speed up our heart rate. Caffeine can only help us for a short term. When we keep drinking caffeine during the week the less it does helps us in long term use.

Why is caffeine so bad for us?

Caffeine causes us to feel energized, but eventually it causes the body to have problems. Caffeine does make us feel even more worse than if we never drank caffeine. Caffeine makes us feel somewhat depressed and cause us to have headaches. Caffeine sometimes does make it so that we have difficult time falling asleep at night time.

Caffeine also causes us to be jittery. It can also cause anxiety issues. People who drink too much caffeine often feel extremely tired when the caffeine wears off and doesn’t work as much anymore. Caffeine also causes urination problems. It can also cause vomiting along with other problems. Caffeine does make us feel even more dehydrated so that is why we should just drink regular water instead.

What happens when we stop drinking caffeine?

When we stop drinking caffeine it causes us to have major headaches. We often feel extremely tired for the first few days after we stop drinking caffeine. The most difficult time is the first few days when you stop drinking caffeine. People begin to feel better after a few days and don’t have major headaches.

People who stop drinking caffeine begin to have more energy and it is important that people get enough sleep. We don’t need caffeine as much if only people would get enough sleep and eat healthy. It is also important to make sure to get enough vitamins that all of us needs.

Is it safe to drink caffeine every once in a while?

Caffeine every once in a while is fine as long as we don’t abuse the body with it. It is best to not drink caffeine all the time though. We should try to drink water as much as possible. Just make sure to not drink caffeine each time you feel tired otherwise the body begins to depend on it to help function each day. If you feel tired it is usually because you need more sleep at night.

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