Nine Ways to Live Organically Beyond Your Dinner Plate

Even if you buy organic produce religiously, there’s a lot of organic materials you probably haven’t thought of — here are a few tips:

1. Check your vitamins. Organic vitamins can be tough to find, but thanks to the Internet, near-organic, or organically minded, products are available. Try Santa Cruz-based Rainbow Light ( or 1-800-635-1233).

2. Carpets? Yes, carpets! Did you ever wonder what chemicals were being added to the carpets you roll around on, the kids your carpets shove each other’s faces into on a regular basis? Try Organic Choice Carpet Cleaning,

3. Build green. What better way to keep chemicals at a minimum than by recycling building materials? Check out The ReUse People

4. Do business in a green way. Many counties and cities have a green business program that can take sustainable, natural living off the dinner plate and into your office or factory. Check with your county or city offices to see if they have one in place.

5. Clean with clean. Ever wonder what’s in that cleanser you use to wipe down counters or dust your furniture? Try cleaning products from

6. Naturally beautiful. Try using skin care products that are organic, such as those from; visit their web site or call 1-800-711-9194.

7. Go Organic in Your own Back Yard. Get organic gardening materials from Common Ground, on the web at

8. Make Your Own. If you make your soap from organic ingredients, you’ll have no doubt that it’s organic. Start with articles and forums at

9. Visit Mother — the mother of all organic web sites, that is — A clearinghouse of news, articles, and information, it’s a great way to find more organic options for your life.

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