How Can Your Child Have a Normal Childhood If They Are Diabetic?

Many parents feel that if there child is diagnosed with diabetes that it would be impossible for them to have nay type of normal life. This is just not true. First of all there are different types of diabetes. The one that affects children the most are type 1 and type 2. Type 1 diabetes is when your body makes a very small amount of insulin or none at all. Type 2 diabetes is when your body makes insulin but your body’s cells do not use it properly. But if is possible for your child to have a perfectly normal childhood regardless of what condition they have. The first thing that you will need to do in order to ensure this is to make sure hat your child is under proper medical care. Your doctor will probably instruct you on how to test your child on a regular basis. I can not emphasize enough how important it is to monitor your child’s blood glucose levels on a regular basis.

It is also very important that you take the time to teach them healthy eating and exercise habits. Keep in mind that as your child gets older it will become more of a challenge for them to deal with, since they will realize that they have limitations. As your child grows older you will need to make sure you take the time to educate them on how to properly care for themselves during this time. It’s obvious how difficult it is to raise children when they do not have any additional problems. But despite the additional challenges that you will face as parents of a child with diabetes, it is important that you stick together. With the advance treatment that is now offered it really is not as difficult as you may have once thought it to be. Diabetes is definitely a very serious condition and if it is not monitored or treated properly than your child can definitely experience additional problems.

There are a few additional steps that you can take in order to assist your child and make sure that their school days are as enjoyable as possible. Remember you do not want their condition to interfere with their education. You need to make sure that the all of your child’s teachers, and the school nurse if informed of your child’s condition. They should also have an emergency plan ready just in case once arises with your child. Time will be of the importance so everyone including your child should know what to do. Your child’s teacher should be able to recognize the signs, that something is wrong. The school nurse should also be the one making sure that your child is testing their levels throughout the course of the day and administering any needed insulin or medication. As your child grows older they will probably be able to do more for themselves but it is still very important that it is under the supervision of the teacher.

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