How Do You Know If Your Computer is Getting Too Hot?

While you are using PC, the temperature of your CPU and motherboard may get too hot. That means you have to use turn it off to avoid damage. Nevertheless, how do you know when it is too hot?

You have to use a software to measure the temperature of your system. There are a lot of software that work as a sensor for your hardware. However, I recommend you to use Hmonitor because it is only about 750 KB of your system resource. Besides, Hmonitor is compatible with all versions of Windows. It supports many kinds of chips, mainboards that is made by famous manufacturers like Dell, Intel, Acer, Asus…

You can download this program here. After installed, Hmonitor will display in the system tray the temperature of mainboard, the speed of fan and the electric supply. The main function of Hmonitor is to warn you or to shut down automatically when the temperature increases too high. Right-click the icon of Hmonitor on system tray and choose Settings to change properties.

Hardware Setup tab: Allows you to set up the information of your chip in mainboard. In sensors types section, you should refer the manual of your product to put in the right information.

Fans tab: Allows you to choose the speed of fan. You can set the program to warn you if the speed is too low. Normally, the average speed is about 4,800 revolutions per minute. However, depending on your mainboard, the fan’s speed may be different.

CPU Info tab: Provides information about CPU like bus, speed, manufacture.

Voltages tab: Provides electric supply in slots and other devices. The threshold section allows you to opt solutions when the system is overpowered.

Bios Info tab: Provides you information about BIOS.

Thermo Control tab: Provides the status of your mainboard and CPU. This tab only functions with new mainboard.

Advanced tab: Set up more advanced options of limited temperature and interval time for each warning.

Temperatures: Provides the temperature of your mainboard, CPU to avoid damage. Yellow and Red zones is the warning zone. Mark “Warning” to turn on caution when the temperature is above the limit. Choose a wav file to run. You can also write a *.bat file with notepad to turn off your computer automatically (write shutdown.exe -s -t 0).

Now, your computer is protected under too high temperature. I hope this article will help you to avoid damage cause by overheated.

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