How Does One Choose a Cleaning Product for Their Home?

Keeping your home clean on a daily basis can be rather cumbersome. There are so many household cleaning products to choose from and one for each type of surface.

You can choose a cleaner by the type of cleaning you want to do. You can choose a cleaner which does everything. You can choose cleaners which will work on two or three areas in your home. There really isn’t a clear-cut way to choose household cleaners.

Glass and Window Cleaners

Regular window and glass cleaners. This type of cleaner normally comes in a blue liquid spray bottle and can also be purchased in a refill bottle for your window and glass spray bottles.

Vinegar window and glass cleaner. Now a person can purchase a window and glass cleaner that is clear and contains vinegar as one of its active ingredients.

Glass and window wipes. You can purchase window and glass cleaner wipes that are disposable and come dampened or wet with the cleaner.

Sink, Tub, Toilet, and Tile Cleaners

Tilex, for example, is designed to clean the tile and grout areas. Scrubbing Bubbles can be used to clean your sinks and tubs. However, I have found using Scrubbing Bubbles on the tub, sinks, and toilets have saved me time and money with the purchase of one cleaner as opposed to purchasing a cleaner for each of the jobs.

While you could use Scrubbing Bubbles on your tile and grout, you should be careful in the use of such cleaners because depending on the tile, some of the cleaners could damage the surface.

Dish and Laundry Soap

With dish and laundry soaps can be purchased in either liquid or powder. The powder dish soap is only for dishwashers. The liquid dish soap you would use in the sink to wash dishes should be used in a dishwasher sparingly if you run out of dishwasher detergent. There are liquid forms of dishwasher detergents, but their composition is different from the regular type of dish soap.

Laundry soaps come in liquid and powder form. Each should be used as recommended on their respective containers. The liquid detergent will not have the same amount used as a powdered laundry detergent.

Furniture Polish

There are two basic types of furniture polish. One type is the aerosol formula and the other is a liquid formula. The basic difference between the two is one is sprayed from a can while the other is poured onto a cloth from the container and wiped onto the furniture.

Floor cleaners

There are several choices for floor cleaners on the market today. You have your choice of Mr.Clean, liquid Lysol, the Swiffers both wet and dry, Pine Sol, and plain bleach and water.

These are the main cleaners needed to clean the areas in your home on a daily basis. You can take a few moments while on the cleaning isle to read what each of the different cleaners are used for and make your decision from there.

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