Not All Haunted Houses Are Old. Buyer Beware!

Dave and Jan were very excited about moving into their new house in a nice neighborhood in upper Michigan with their two children, Jessica and Jimmy. The kids were able to have their own rooms. Jessica’s room was across the hall from Jimmy’s.
Dave and Jan moved into the master bedroom at the end of the hall. They were all settled in adjusting to their new home. Jan loved the hardwood floors upstairs, and the kids loved having their own rooms. Dave and Jan loved having some space from the kids in their bedroom down the hall.

Jan was comfortable with having baby monitors in both of the children’s rooms because she could hear them if they needed her. She was a light sleeper and Dave slept like a rock. Several times Jan thought that she heard noises in Jimmy’s room and would get up to check on him only to find him sleeping soundly. Things began to get a little more disruptive. She would hear a child’s voice on the monitor, and when she would go to check on Jimmy, he would be sleeping soundly. She began to wake Dave up, and he would tell her to go back to sleep. He said it was her imagination.

When Jan started hearing a ball bounce down the hall on the hardwood floors, she was really terrified. She would get up to check, and there was no ball in sight. The children would be sleeping soundly, and there was no visible activity.

There were connecting closets in the children’s rooms that led behind the bedrooms. You could walk from one closet of the one bedroom into the closet of the other bedroom. Jan began to hear noises bumping behind the walls. She would go in to check the room and the closet door would be open. Jimmy would be sleeping as usual. She intentionally put a plastic piggy bank in front of the closet door to block it from opening. She would wake up to hear the piggy bank spilling pennies onto the floor.

When she heard the toy cars moving around on the bedroom floor of Jimmy’s room and a child’s voice talking, Jan thought this ghost had gone too far. She talked to the neighbors about the previous owners. She and Dave had been suspicious about the hook lock at the top of Jimmy’s bedroom door. Why would a parent lock a child in their bedroom? One of the neighbors told her that the people who lived there before had a retarded little boy. He rarely was out of the house. No one knew what happened to him but it seemed that he had died under suspicious circumstances. When the parents moved they left without their son. Jan felt like he was still there with them in the house. He may not be living, but he was still there in spirit.

The tragic story about the retarded little boy who was locked in his room got to Jan. She moved Jimmy into the bedroom with Jessica. She hoped that the little ghost would no longer be a problem, but when Jessica woke up in the night screaming, they knew that they had to leave. Jan had the horrible feeling that the ghost was following the children into Jessica’s bedroom. As much sorrow as she felt for the little ghost, her concern for her children was more important.

Oddly enough when they moved everything to the main floor, there were no more disturbances. They put the house up for sale. When perspective buyers asked why they were not using the upstairs, they said it was because they were in a hurry. They were in the process of packing up so they wouldn’t have as much to do. They eventually were able to sell the house, and then moved to another state.

Jan felt guilty for not telling the buyers that the house was haunted. She hoped that the ghost would not haunt them. They didn’t have children. Jan hoped the ghost would leave them alone. Maybe he just wanted someone to play with.

They swear that this story is true, but they were never able to verify the story of the previous owners. I wonder if the little ghost ever found peace, or at least someone to play with him. It was a beautiful two-story and had only one previous owner, but that doesn’t mean that a new house doesn’t have a history. I would want to know as much as I could about the history of a house that I was buying. I won’t say that I necessarily believe in ghosts, but I wouldn’t want to test it. I believe it is true. I have never experienced it and I really don’t want to, and I definitely know some people who do believe.

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