Vintage Drawer Under Bed Storage Craft Project

Looking to add some cute vintage looking storage under a day bed or any bed that does not have a skirt on it. These cute vintage dresser drawers turned storage caddies are so easy to make, look great peeping out from under the bed, and will definitely keep you organized.

So, the next time you see a few old vintage dresser drawers stacked up on the curb waiting for the garbage man, then you will know that you can make some stylish vintage storage for almost free with them!

To Make Under Bed Storage Drawers Out of Vintage Dresser Drawers You Will Need:

As many vintage dresser drawers as you want

4 castors for each drawer


Paint brushes

Power drill


Plywood dividers (optional)

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So, if you are getting your vintage dresser drawers for this craft project from the curb you should clean them! Hope you already knew that one.

Now, go ahead and paint out your vintage dresser drawer in some primer. You can paint the whole drawer or just the front that will show under the bed.

Now, paint out your vintage drawer in some milk paint or any paint that matches your vintage d�©cor.

Go ahead and replace boring hardware or missing drawer pulls.

Now, flip the vintage dresser drawer over. Place one castor in each corner and use a pencil to mark where you need to pre drill the holes.

Remove the castors and use your power drill to pre drill those holes.

Now install each castor. If you are using a very large vintage dresser drawer for this craft project than you may wan tone castor in the middle.

Now, flip the under bed storage drawer over.

Measure hoe wide the drawer is from front to back. Measure how tall the inside is too. Now, cut out a piece of plywood to this length and height.

Place it in the drawer as a divider. If you make this slightly larger then you will have a nice tight fit and can simply leave it as it. You can also glue this wood divider in place with liquid nails or tack in place with one inch finishing nails.

Now, you can paint this drawer divider out with matching paint or even cover with vintage fabric!

Use one to three dividers in your vintage under bed storage drawers to keep yourself organized.

If you are worried about dust or small pets climbing into your under bed storage drawers try topping them off with a large piece of vintage fabric cut ot the same size as your drawer. Add about one inch or so on in the depth and tack it onto the back of the under bed storage drawer with tacks. Fold it over the under bed storage box and tack down in the front with one tack!

Your finished! Roll your under bed storage drawer under your bed and have the front facing out!

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