How to Keep Bugs Out of Your Home: Simple Steps to Keep Bugs from Coming into Your Home

There are few things more disconcerting to the average person than living in a house full of creepy, crawly bugs. From cockroaches to spiders and ants to mosquitoes these annoying creatures come into our homes and cause health problems and are quite an annoyance. Parents with young children and anyone with allergies will benefit from these steps as bugs are one of the largest producers of allergens. Here are a few tips to keep the bugs where they belong, outside.

First, you need to take care of the obvious. Make certain that gaps around doors are sealed tightly. Next check your windows. Make certain that windows shut tightly and don’t have any significant gaps. Replace or repair torn screens in windows or doors. Check other openings in the home such as around dryer vents, exhaust vents, and around utility openings. Foam spray sealant is available at home improvement and hardware stores at a reasonable cost and will make short work in filling these holes.

Some common sense steps will keep bugs from trying to come into your home in the first place. Avoid leaving food out in the home (Including crumbs). Dirty dishes are another source of food for those creatures we are trying to keep out. Sweep, mop, and vacuum floors on a regular schedule. Be certain to quickly and thoroughly clean up any messes that you or your family make (if my son is reading this, I’m talking to you). Removing food sources for bugs in the home will keep the bugs from coming in and deter them from infesting your home. Remember that not all the food in your home is for you. Carefully store pet food outside of your home or in a sealed container.

Another thing to consider is to make certain that you are not bringing the bugs into your home. Don’t store large amounts of firewood in your house because they are home of termites which can destroy the foundation and other areas of your home and cost you thousands of dollars. Firewood can also carry many other insects into your house.

While these tips can help you reduce and avoid bugs in your home, don’t be afraid to call for professional help. A professional exterminator should be able to solve any of your bug problems before they get further out of hand.

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